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  1. HI everyone,
    This is a new brand for me so I have a few questions. Thanks for any information.

    I am buying the Love me midi in dark purple which I think I will Love. But I am wanting a pewter bag too. Can you tell me if the pewter crash will flake or rub off? Also do you have to condition the leather on these bags to keep them soft? I normally buy coach bags but I feel like I need a change in my bag life and the leather looks tdf on the belen bags. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, iuvcoach!


    I have the mottled gold and the pewter and the chocolate crash, and I've never done anything to them. Mine have not flaked. My oldest bag, Goldie, shows hardly any wear, with the exception of one indentation where a dog bit her. Mr. Pewter is my next oldest bag, and he's just so smooshy and soft, and you just want to stare at his handsomeness for hours on end. That, or eat him.

    It's awfully nice to have you join us here. And if you think the leather LOOKS tdf on the website, just wait until you SMELL it. Try to be on carpet or near a bed or close to someone's strong arms, because you will faint with pleasure.

    Please do keep us informed of your every BE action. (I was going to write BE movement, but that sounded like...well, you know.) Some of the best enablers on the planet are right here in this forum.
  3. Thank you. I have wanted the Love me in purple for awhile and now I will have one hopefully by Friday. I will share pics with all when i get her. I am already looking for my next one, the pewter crash or black crash.
  4. I love my pewter crash IB midi! I was kind of hesitant to get this leather, because I didn't know how to treat it, if it would be too blingy, etc. But all of the kind BE ladies here informed me that I didn't need to treat my pewter crash bag, that treating would probably end up ruining the leather since it's already pretreated. I received my IB midi and it was love at first sight. Once the leather has been broken in, the color calms down and the leather gets all smooshy and puddle-y. Definitely one of my favorite leathers. :P

    Oops, almost forgot to say Welcome! I'm a newbie too :biggrin:
  5. Welcome Iuvcoach!!

    I have pewter, black crash, green crash, choco crash....not treated any of them, and I think we have been told not to on these...never had a problem although choco crash has not been out and about yet as she is new!

    There is a lot of info in the caring for your BE bag in the reference section...some people do apple guard their bags...some use LMB products...some just wear!

    Now...are you getting purple pebbled, purple glossy, or purple matte??
  6. I love the crashes! I need to post some pix of my new Choco Crash. I don't have any Black Crash yet, but we do have a bespoke going on for a black crash Kissie. It's in the BE shopping area. Most people here say the black crash wears like nobody's business and that you can hardly destroy it.

    Now, I'm telling you, iuvcoach, that pewter will knock the breath pure out of you. Rummage through past posts here about it, and you will see that no one really knows quite how to describe it. And the LOOKS it gets!...We know a look of envy when we see it. Mr. Pewter garners quite a few of those for me. :yes:

    Which style are you considering for your pewter or black crash? You should know that most of us here are all quite nosy.

  7. I am getting the dark purple pebbled with silver hw and pink lining. I am looking at the love me midi in pewter crash too
  8. Welcome!

    Are you getting the full size Love Me? I have two midi sizes and they are gorgeous bags, especially once the leather breaks in and smooshes. The pebbled leathers are great, and the purple pebbled is gorgeous.

    Moon - who's nosy? Curious, inquisitive, interested in other's purchases...but nosy? Not us. No, never.
  9. Iuvcoach - just re-read your post and see that you are getting the midi. I have Fuschia and Medium Purple and I always get compliments on them. Are you buying new or pre-loved?
  10. Oh, I meant to say that I have two pewter crash bags and one blue crash bag. The Pewter crash is much more robust but the silver can rub off if you really are hard on your bags, usually on the corners but sometimes on the handles - especially if it is a handheld style. The blue crash is not as hard wearing IMO. Pewter is such a great leather though. It is such a chameleon in that it can look silver in some light (also depending on what colours you are wearing) through to bronze. I would definitely recommend it.
  11. The purple one is pre-loved but in great condition.
  12. A black crash Kissie?!?! How did I miss that one? :nuts: Heading over to the shopping section to check it out now
  13. The leather is pretty tdf! :P I totally love the pewter...haven't had any flaking probs with this brand like I've had with others...I like that its not a grainy metallic either kwim? Super smooth and soft. I don't treat my metallics or pebbleds but I'm a LMB junkie and use it on all the others. I'm a total believer in bag spa days lol!
  14. Okay. We're curious, inquisitive, and interested in other's purchases!
  15. I love pewter crash. I had a Hug Me in that leather and LOVE it. One of my favs.