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  1. hello! i have found my self in a situation. i pre ordered the mia maggie in cranberry. when i received it i found it to be extremely pinkish purple and it was super disappointing. so i exchanged it for the crimson sophia. BUT i'm not a satchel girl. i wear the sophia with the longer strap. ANYWAY after some investigating i realized that the had actually sent me the wrong bag. they did in fact send me raspberry. so now i have called and they offered to take back sophia even though i used her twice and exchange it for the cranberry because that was there mistake. NOW MY QUESTION IS what would you rather have crimson sophia (remember i wont use it as a satchel) or the cranberry mia???? i love both but i'm so confused. help!! :wtf:
  2. Cranberry mia!!!
  3. Hmmm....if you love Mia, I would get the cranberry. I think Sophia looks so much better as a satchel.
  4. The Mia Maggie is lovely, I'd go for that.
  5. Mia Maggie
  6. Cranberry Mia
  7. I could go for the Cranberry Mia. I don't like the look of the Sophia using the shoulder strap. I like it best as a satchel. I really love the new patent Mias. They are very pretty. I haven't seen the color in person but I bet that it's lovely.
  8. I say go for the Cranberry Mia. That was what you originally wanted, so I'd give it a chance. The pics look gorgeous and perfect for fall/winter. I'm probably biased since I ordered it as well and should be receiving later in the week :graucho:
  9. thank you ladies for all your replies. i'm def going to go with the mia maggie. i just hate to be a pain for the sales associates. but it was there mistake not mine, right?
  10. Yep it was and while it may be somewhat of an inconvenience.. that's what they're getting paid for, eh? :graucho: Plus if you do it during the week or a slow time it gives em something to do.
  11. I think you should get the Cranberry Maggie. That's what you wanted initially and if you prefer a shoulder bag, the Maggie will be better for you in the long run.
  12. If the Maggie is the bag you love, then go for it! The Crimson Sophia also comes in a Shouldber bag just to to tempt you! I like the versatility of the Sophia because you can carry her by the handles or use the long strap (which isn't that long)

    Good Luck in your decision!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  13. Get the Mia Maggie!