Help please....

  1. Black birkin. I say that because I am not a kelly girl. BUT, I'd say that anyway in this case. Classic and you already have a red bag. And the red you have now is much "redder" than the vermillion which to my eye has a lot of orange in it.
  2. Agree with everyone here. A Birkin and a Kelly are different but not THAT different if they're the same colour (unless you really really love the red colour, then you'll try to collect everything in red), otherwise go for some versatility and pick a black bag - since you would want one in any case.
  3. Black Birkin!
  4. Lovely dilemma to be in.
    My vote goes to black too!
    Do post a reveal when you bring the bag home!:nuts:
  5. Yes I will make sure I update you on the decision! Thanks everyone.

    Should I pass both of them and wait for a Black birkin with GHW, does black birkins look good with PHW?
  6. I think black Birkins look good either way - maybe the gold is a little more classic and the palladium a little more updated, but I
    think it's purely a matter of personal choice.
  7. I'd go for the Black B, I absolutely love mine!
  8. i would get the black birkin but in a 35. pop colors and exotics i would do 30 birkin.
  9. The black birkin with PW is very smart and modern, regardless of the size. That would be my choice, if I were in your fortunate position.
  10. so black birkin it is i have decided.....will be calling my SA tomorrow to let her know. thanks all!
  11. A classic black Birkin is always hard to beat, particularly since you already have a red H. bag. Congratulations on a very good choice!
  12. Since you already have a red Birkin... go for the black Birkin.