help please....

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  1. So a couple weeks ago I sent out a bag for repair, and today I received it back not repaired but with a letter saying I have 40% to use on another bag...

    Although I was a little disappointed about my bag not being able to be fixed, I'm very excited to pick out a new bag at a discount.

    I have decided on the Floral Embroidered Maggie (the regular size one not the xl)

    What colors is it out in?? When will it be available in the stores?? Should I just call JAX and order it through them? I'm not going to carry it until it gets warmer, around spring time, so should I just wait?
  2. The regular size is backordered till March 11 (15026). The colors are eggshell and anthracite. The XL (15052) comes in violet and bronze only!!!!
  3. What color is anthracite? Sorry I'm fairly new here... what happened to the peach colored one that they showed pictures of????
  4. The anthracite is a darker grey,,I dont think they made the peach color,,which the bronze is more taupe, the voilet is more plum and the anthracite...????? no one knows yet,,who knows maybe the anthracite is the peach,,,lol.. IDK
  5. thats so upsetting.. i really wanted the peach!!! Thank you for your help..
  6. I think maybe the PEACH color was supposed to be BRONZE?? Coach's color coding is so weird!
  7. this is the picture of the bag I saw in the upcoming lines... This is the color I wanted..

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  8. ^^yes, nothing on that color yet...
  9. so do you think maybe when it gets released to the stores there will be that color?
  10. I don't know if these will reach the stores? they are making such limitted quantities...
  11. ^^ yep they will not make it to the stores, will not the LE
  12. i just orderd the anthracite color... just to make sure i get one lol...

    so the floral embroidered maggie will not be in stores at all??
  13. this bag is so gorgeous!!!! i have got to get one. so are the sizes like the original maggies? the giant and then big lol?

  14. I think you were very smart to order it. It will most likely not be available in a very short time. Apparently these bags are special edition bags made for the opening of the new Coach flagship store in China. :graucho:
  15. Yes I have a feeling that these bags will be shipped off to china. Did they say when they would ship your maggie? I'm dying to see the anthracite color!