help please!

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  1. Right - I've sold my e/w bays and my emmy, and I think I need an oak bays now. I don't know whether to buy new or pre-loved though. Can someone explain to me how a darwin would be different from an NVT bag? I have the large bays in NVT so I know a little about that, but I've never had a darwin mulberry before.

    I know darwin is a little heavier, but how much heavier? Would the leather make a difference to how easy it's going to be to wear this on my shoulder at all? Is it slightly darker or lighter?

    Please educate me!

  2. faustiacat, I am no by no means an expert but from what I have been told, the Darwin is a bit heavier but it ages a little better and is a little richer looking. I just got a Roxanne in Oak Darwin from ebay and I love has aged beautifully and is very rich looking.

    I have no issues purchasing off of ebay as long as I get the bag authenicated first. My view is I can give the bag a good and loved home if somebody doesn't want it anymore or if they are selling for other reasons.

    Oak is an incredible color...
  3. thank you so much Tegan - I feel the same way about ebay, so long as I can get something authenticated. I know my black bays went to a good home, and I love the idea of that. Still halfway through the emmy sale but hoping for same result

    I love my large bays in oak so much! I am dying to have something in the same colour that I can use every day.

    Maybe I'll wait a week or so and see if anything turns up on ebay in darwin. you wouldn't know what year they changed would you?
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  5. oh really? were you the person with the elgin?
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    I have an oak Bayswater and I love it. I prefer the NVT because Darwin is heavy and thicker and I just am not a huge fan.
  7. okey doke - I'll try to guess in the meantime xx
  8. faustinacat, I have no clue what year they changed as I am new to Mulberry myself and learning as I go.

    My Darwin Roxy is a little heavy but I just adore her. I have the Bayswater in the NVT and it is iighter than the Roxy but I think some of that is also due to there is a bit more going on with Roxy...the pockets and all.

    Mulberry is quality and you can't go wrong with anything you choose. Keep looking on ebay everyday because something new always turns up.

    Good luck.
  9. thanks Tegan - I love the roxy too - I've seen such lovely photos of well loved examples in oak. I think it might be all those buckles adding to the weight.

    which of the two would you say you find easiest to get things in and out of?
  10. Faustinacat, I will be honest, the Bays is a bit easier to get things in and out of as the Roxy is a bit more fiddly with all the buckles and the way the top flaps over.

    I carried the Roxy yesterday (for the first time as I just received it) and I found that if I pulled back the middle strap, I could just stick my hand in and in and pull out my sunglasses or my wallet. For something smaller, I had to open the bag.

    As for the bays, since it is higher I have to reach in deeper to get what I want. The Roxy is not as high so I didn't have to reach in as far.

    Shoulder straps - I find that because i have to wear a heavy winter coat now, that both bags are equally hard to wear over my shoulder as the straps are a little shorter. Without a coat, I have no issues with either one. I just hold it in the crook of my arm.

    Yesterday, when I was at the mall one of the SA's pointed out to me that I was carrying a Mulberry and told me how beautiful it was - it was the Roxy.

    I am by no means an expert here as I am just learning. So, if anybody else could help that would be great. I am just going on my opinions. I know there are many others who have carried both bags for longer periods of time...they may be able to shed more light for you.
  11. thank you Tegan - it's so useful to have your experiences with both. I am really not that keen on carrying bags on my arm so it's important to me that they do fit on my shoulder, and I know it's a bit of a close thing with both of the styles I love.

    I am still wavering......
  12. How about a preowned Rosemary bag - it is very similar to the Roxy but is has a long shoulder strap? There are some of those on ebay right now...
  13. Hi...I'm new here and I've been planning to buy my Mulberry Bayswater for over a year. I love the Mushroom Goatskin and the Oak NVT and the Black NVT. When I called England, the sales rep told me the goatskin in Mushroom would show markings. I really love the Oak, but she said it would show wear because they want it to have a vintage look. She suggested the Chocolate or Black. I'm really torn. I'm turning 60 in a few weeks. I've loved purses my whole life and I have a collection, but this is going to be my last purse and I want it to be special. Does anyone know anything about the Mushroom it heavier than the NVT Oak and Black? Does the NVT Oak age nicely, or does it just look dirty and used. I can't see I'm in Michigan, but I want one to mark this special year for me....Nickel
  14. Welcome to the forum Nickel !The goatskin is quite light. A wonderful leather but not heavy at all. It is lighter than NVT and gives a little less structured bag. I don't know much about goat mushroom. You certainly don't have to worry about how NVT ages. It just gets better with time. And I would say that goes for any of the classic colours oak, chocolate or black. You will have to consider what colour you like the best and goes best with your personality and colours. You won't go wrong with any of those mentioned. Good luck, and you must let us know what your choice will be !

    Hi Nickel

    I've posted this first link to a reveal I did recently. If you scan between posts 28 & 56 you'll see close ups of Mushroom Glazed Goatskin. Not a Bays but the same leather. Except on the Bays you get a fabulous suede reverse. Beatrice is a Hobo and designed to be lighter.

    2nd link is to Blueberry Bays in Glazed Goatskin. Pics start at post 23.

    Hopefully you'll get some kind of idea between the two links how Mushroom Bays looks. IRL she is utterly gorgeous. The glaze leaves the goatskin very resilient. And our dreadful Scottish climate demands that!! It is a classy classy bag.

    I have Oak, Choc & Black Printed Bays and find Goatskin much lighter. Oak is beautiful but highish maintenance if you want to keep it pristine. Of course Oak will age but just like ourselves it can be cared for and age beautifully or be neglected and look a shambles!

    If I could only have one of the three NVTs I'd have Choc. But in the same way that I'd say I'd take Daniel Craig over Matt Damon or Pierce Brosnan!

    What a fabulous dilemma!!

    I've just had a big birthday, 50, and loved it! I hope your 60th goes really well too. It's nice that you are choosing a British bag to celebrate it !!