Help Please!

  1. HI,
    OK, so I sold a bag on ebay and it was DEFINITLY real (I cant stand fakes and would never buy or sell one).. it was pulled for trademark misuse AFTER the buyer paid and I shipped it to her... she was so happy with it, but until after it was pulled by the ebay dummies, she got an email and she filed a paypal dispute against me since in my listing I said "Guaranteed Authentic or your money back" because I stand behind all of my bags!!

    I purchased it myself and this woman is saying she doesnt believe its real now because ebay pulled it...

    Ebay pulls real bags all the time!! Im so upset that she filed a paypal dispute, this is my first one ever.. she filed "item not as described" and im sooo upset. I was really counting on that money to buy a new laptop :crybaby:

    Help please...
  2. You can take it up with eBay - contact them and provide a copy of your receipt.

    As for your buyer, accept her request. Ask her to ship the bag back with tracking and insurance. When you get it, examine it to make sure it is the same bag and refund her money less shipping and listing fees.
  3. First, I'd do right by your customer, it's not her fault eBay sucks.

    Tell you you will refund her once you receive the bag back if she chooses not to keep it.
    She shouldn't file a dispute unless you're refusing to work w/ her{?}
  4. No, Ive been emailing her every few hours since this is sucha shock to me... I told her to send it back, but I think she filed the paypal dispute UNTIL I refund her, and I hate that shes cornering me like that..she can trust that I will refund her. Yes, I contacted ebay, its like the most red tape and such long waiting times to inform them of anything.

    Thanks for the advice guys
  5. you could explain how ebay pulls legit bags and offer to pay for authentication at jill's consignment shop -- it will cut into your profit but at least you wouldn't lose the whole sale.

    good luck.
  6. Sorry about what happened to you. Just out of curiousity did you receive this email from eBay also?
  7. Ugh, that happened to me this week with a watch I had listed. They ended it for trademark misuse after I already had bids. That sucks, sorry that it happened to you.
  8. Yes, I got the email also. It didnt specify what was wrong, just that it was for trademark misuse and violating ebay's policies.

    Thanks for all the tips guys!:heart:
  9. You are in the same boat as mine. Ebay removed my 3 authentic listings by giving me the same reason that you got. Any proofs and any e-mails to them wouldn't help. Just wonder full of fake still on ebay but many authentic items were pulled out. Bad experience!

    All serial number, receipt, photos and moneyback guarantee wouldn't help.:s
  10. Apparently, ebay is not taking any kind of chances. I hope you get it all straightened out. I think the buyer would have to prove that you sent them an item that was fake.
    It really bites for honest sellers.
  11. This has happened to me too,
    could not list a bag on my account as had hit limit so put on husbands instead, (he has brand new account), so then this fella wants to buy it now but of course cant add this cos new account so by this time my limit week is over and i can now put on mine! so cancell on hubbys, put onto mine and add buy it now to which fella buys, pays, etc and e-bay pull it next morning!!!! however my buyer knows his stuff, asked all the right questions n asked for extra pics etc and is happy.
  12. I don't know if other companies do this , but Coach does.
    If you go to a coach store, and maybe even the website or 800 number, there is a form you can fill out and contact Coach with and they will either authenticate or unauthenticate it in written form.
    downside: it takes 3-4 weeks according to the coach employee i spoke to.
  13. Ebay has really been cracking down on counterfeits and unfortunately, there are a lot of honest sellers who are suffering. There are SEVERAL threads about this right now.

    To be honest, the fact that EBAY pulled your auction has nothing to do with whether or not your bags are genuine. I had authentic auctions that were pulled and then REINSTATED because they were wrong.

    I wouldn't refund the buyer.
    I would tell her that you STILL guarantee the item and that it is EBAY who is in error with your pulled auctions. That you are settling THAT issue with them and in the meantime, SHE should go to her nearest LV or to or to authenticate the bag. The people who are working for EBAY CLEARLY have no idea what they're looking for in terms of authenticity.