Help Please

  1. Hi, I have been a longtime lurker and really enjoy everything written by you all! You all seem very kind and understanding. So, this is my problem...Today, this afternoon, I went to the SCP Hermes store and purchased a black Bolide purse. It's now 2:24 PST and I cannot go to sleep. I'm sick about this. Why did I buy the bag, such an expensive bag. My only thoughts, if I sold it on EBay, yes I would take a loss but I'd still get back some of the money and I'd feel better. I am so upset about this I don't even want to look at the purse. I'm leaving it in my daughter's room. I've purchased LV's before and am perfectly happy, but wound up in Herme's today and after talking to SA's and customers I took the plunge and bought a purse. If you were in my shoes would you sell it on EBay?

    Thank you all for your psychaitric help-hoping to hear from you and I'm not kidding about this,

    By the way, creature (my screen name), was a beloved cat who died a few years ago and I cannot forget her.
  2. Bring it back to the store and get a refund.

    Sorry to say this but I doubt anyone will buy it off you.
  3. Thank you for answering. Unfortunately they have a no return policy. You can only exchange it. I would love to return it and get a refund.
  4. Maybe what you can do is sell/offer the store credit which you will get if you return the bag to somebody else for a discount.
  5. Now, that's a great idea. Win win situation for both parties.
  6. That sounds like a good idea. I wonder if it would work. There is nothing wrong with the bag. I feel sorry for it becasue it did nothing wrong. It's a good bag. I just got swept up in the moment and all the people talking about how great they were and the next thing I knew I had a bag and have been sick about it ever since. Can't sleep.
  7. Buyer's remorse is not an uncommon phenomena. I have had it MANY times. You need to put this in perspective. If you calm down and do not think so much about it for a day or two, you will feel better. Have you thought about how much you might enjoy this Bolide? They are wonderful bags and black is a great neutral color. If you return for a store credit, what would you possibly get that is more practical than this bag? If you sell it you will lose money, as Bolides do not bring as much as store price at resale.
    Is keeping the bag really going to negatively impact your life? I doubt it. In the scale of life's problems this is not a huge one....think health issues, they are the biggies.
    My advise is to calm down and enjoy the beautiful bag.
  8. Thanks golconda, I guess I will have to think about it.
  9. Dear creature,
    I would love to hear in a few days or weeks that you are carrying the Bolide and loving it AND would not part with it. I think many would agree that it is the most practical of all Hermes bags, if not the most "in". It is the 3rd on the most wanted list, IMHO.
    Please try to feel better, beating yourself up does no good at all.
  10. Hi Creature, sometimes the things that I bought that I really didn't love or were impulsive with from the beginning ended up being the best purchases I ever made!! The Bolide is an amazing bag so classic and has so much more longevity than any LV IMO. Black of course is the best most versatile color you can go with. What size and leather did you get? Give yourself some time, I would suggest selling some LV to makeup for this purchase. This is a bag that is so much classier than many. Don't be too hard on yourself we have all been through these impulsive purchases, but trust me it will end up to be one of your most favorite bags.
  11. i don't know. i think you might want to rectify this situation some way. i don't get buyer's remorse because i know what i want ahead of time and don't purchase impulsively. the fact that you did, without the intention to buy, makes me think you may not bond with this bag... which would be a real shame because it's one of my favorite hermes bags. can you give us the specs on it? believe me, despite the insane sticker price, you bought a classic that will never go out of style. if you average a new bag every year or 2, this one would earn its cost back for its longevity.
    but the bottom line is, can you afford this bag?
    if the answer is no, you must return/exchange/sell it, period. no ifs, ands or buts.
  12. You should not keep a bag which you will always feel guilty carrying. (FYI, one of my favorite H bags is my Bolide)

    Good luck!
  13. Hi creature:

    so sorry about this situation. maybe when you are a little calmer..ask yourself why you bought the bag. and why you regret the purchase. if it's money issue but nothing else..then yes get the money back by selling it. if it's because you bought it for "buying an hermes bag"..perhaps you can get store credit and wait for another bag or item that you are really crazy about?
    bolide is good investment as others said..but if it's not your cup of tea.. no need to carry that around feeling guilty.

    feel better!
  14. how long has it been since you bought it? i bought a ulysees diary for a friend but ended up returning it the next day. the manager approved it for a refund cause it had only been 24 hours. you could try it even though it says no return policy.
  15. This sounds like a great solution, if manager will give a refund. Just remembered that a friend in California once told me that stores in California have to give refunds. Don't know if Hermes follows this. Anyone know about this?