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  1. okay, i don't really have the proper info for this, but... i am desperately trying to find the name of a designer. i'm almost 100% sure i first saw her (i know it's a her, the name of the line is just her name, rather french sounding) in the magazine Nylon. one of her bags was available at the time- maybe 4,5 months ago- at Barney's, but none are now. i'm sure if i saw the name i would recognize it. anyway, the bags i saw were almost all leather and were decorated with zippers, sometimes winding all the way around. some also had 2 sets of handles/straps, one short and one long. if you have any suggestions, that'd be great! thanks!
  2. You mean on the last Nylon mag? I have it at home, I´ll try to remember to check!
  3. Are you referring to Charlott Vasberg and her ingenious twisted & zippered bag?

    PS A few of her bags are on
    Satine Boutique=
    Charlott Vasberg twisted.jpg
  4. yes i am! thank you soooo much!
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