help please!!!

  1. Ok guys--So I sold a lv wallet on ebay to a women who has over 60 feedback score 100%. She used the buy it now and immedeately sent payment via few days later her order was approved. Bidpay provided me with her billing/shipping address which was the same. Her address on bidpay matched with ebay, so I sent it there. I purchased delivery confirmation. It was going from CA to Oregon. I sent the item wrapped carefully and sent it priority (2 day delivery). She didnt pay for insurance and it wasnt offered on my ebay page. I just purchased delivery confirmation and sent it off and emailed her the tracking number.
    she now emails me telling me that the tracking number shows it was delivered but she is swearing she never got it. I have never heard of this. from my previous experience when delivery conf is purshased the postal worker takes the item to the front door and hands the item to who opens the door and scans the bar code on the tracking slip etc. She said I need to contact my usps center and ask them.. wtf? they have nothing to do with it, I sent it to your billing address you gave bidpay, the tracking shows it was delivered to the same address which was on the label, the zip codes match. Im sort of suspicious that she might have a weird postal man and he might have just stuck the item in her box without a signature or scan and she just kept the wallet and is now saying she didnt get it because no one signed for it. what should I do? I did everything on my part and im 95% sure she has the wallet. she said if she dosent get it shes going to do a charge back via bidpay, which is complete BS because I sent the wallet, she has tracking, tracking shows delivered, she gave her billing address to bidpay, I sent to exact address bidpay shows as her billing and shipping and the conf number shows the same address.

    what do you guys think?
    any help!
  2. If there is any money sitting in that account MOVE it out. They can do a charge back but if no money is in the account then there is nothing to give, however You have a conf. # that says item received. YOU did your part I wouldn't worry about it until contacted by bidpay for a claim.

    It all sounds very fishy. Do remove any money in that account though.
  3. Before you do anything rash, give it a minute. A couple of months ago, I purchased a Chanel jacket on ebay. The seller shipped it via USPS, delivery confirmation, but NOT signature required. When I typed in the tracking # on the day it was expected, the website indicated it had been delivered! I totally freaked out. Emailed the seller, called the post office, nothing to be done: as far as the USPS was concerned, it was delivered, end of story. I did not purchase insurance (the shipping was comped, didn't think to make sure it was added. My bad.)
    Anyway, turned out that the package had been scanned as delivered, but it WAS NOT. I did get the package the next day. I never found out how this could have happened.
    Just something to consider.

    ps: delivery confirmation means nothing. If the mail person drops your package on the wrong doorstep, and scans it as 'delivered', you're screwed. You have no way of tracing it. I always ask for signature confirmation--at least you can prove YOU didn't sign for it.
  4. did everything right....if there is somethng filed against you, you should be OK because you did delivery confirmation.
    And delivery confirmation does not mean someone has to be at home. They WILL and DO leave it wherever they can. Mine sit out on my front porch all day long.
    With insurance a signature is required.
  5. She has to contact HER PO and tell them it shows that she's received it but she hasn't. If she's lying, it can be considered mail fraud on her part.
  6. Tell her she needs to contact the PO. Delivery confirmation doesn't require the postal carrier to hand the package over. All they have to do is scan the package and leave it. He could have scanned it at someone elses address and misdelivered it, and it'll STILL show delivered to her zip code. Obviously it made it to her zip code, so she needs to talk to the carrier who scanned the package and ask him personally if he remembers the package. I remember a couple of incidents where DC showed delivered. The recipient spoke with the carrier and he remembered leaving a package on the same street but "south" instead of "north". The recipient went to the house it was misdelivered to to pick it up. Also, once a package showed delivered early in the morning (like at the station) while the carrier didn't even arrive until just before noon. They're not supposed to be scanned anywhere but the front door but that rule isn't always followed.
  7. Contact USPS and ask them the address in which the wallet was dropped off. The carrier HAS to give that info for incase of a lost package. Another thing, insurance is not the buyers responsibility, it is the sellers. It insures that the package ariives to the location in the condition you sent it. It only protects you. I ALWAYS include insurance in the shipping and handling cost.
  8. I am having a problem with THREE lost shipments as well. But I think it is completely the Post Office who is not delivering the items to me. I have no intention of getting my money back from the sellers, I think that is ridiculous. My confirmations also say delivered but there were no packages and I never signed for them. I don't think that you as the seller should have to pay for the post office's lost packages. I have found out today that the seller does have to start the investigation and file the claim though. But I would move that money from bidpay immediately.
  9. Just had this happen with a buyer who stated that "the Item was never delivered", we went back & forth with the emails and what not...she claimed that her Apartment building & that USPS were of no assistance to her. So of course she said that she was going to file with eBay, Paypal and her CC company...

    If the package was really lost...of course it would be me that loses the money because I did not ask for a Signature Confirmation! The seller is not protected unless there is a SC...I was thrilled to say the least!

    So I called my post office & they got me in contact with her post office and as it turns out...drum roll...this is a new scam that buyers are pulling!!! They claim that they haven't gotten the packages and do a charge back!

    I emailed the buyer and told them what has been happening and how unbelievable it was...I also stated that I knew that was not the case with her because she was "so honest" and "such a nice buyer:smile:"...I also told her to go ahead and file with eBay, Paypal & her CC because her post office confirmed that this scam is going on and that they were mailing me a signed letter stating that the package was delivered to the correct address! I said since this was not the "case" with her...we should have no problem:smile:)))

    Turns out, about an hour later I got an email and guess what!!! "GOOD NEWS, a little old lady had had the package and she waited three weeks to give it to the right apt...." RIGHT!!!

    Anyway, I had accidentally already left positive feedback for the buyer by mistake, but I blocked her from my list...she got that bag and was a flat out liar!!! I swear, I am SO SICK of PAYPAL & EBAY always siding with the buyer!!! (Which in most cases they should, but not mine where she GOT the bag...or the fact that ALL my bags are 100% Guaranteed Authentic or your money back!

    Anyway, to make a long story short...I automatically raised my shipping prices and added signature confirmation ON EVERYTHING!!! Now there are now excuses for that SCAM!!

    Sorry that was so long!
  10. Can you file a claim for a package missing in action? I bought 2 items from the same seller over a month ago, and I got item but the other hasn't ever arrived? The seller has been very uncoperative and refused in the first place to combine my items. I am in dispute with paypal now, over a tube of lipstick.
    When you go to track it you get NOTHING just the basic Item was paid for by postoffice on August 15 blah blah blah.

    Thanks ladies