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Feb 2, 2009
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What bags (brand and style) matches every outfit you own in your wardrobe? I really want to buy a bag that will match with everything I own, but I'm not sure which bag will do the job! Please help me! Also, I was also wondering, how much daily 'stuff (wallet, planner, makeup bag, etc)' can you actually put in a LV speedy 25? It looks fairly small, but a Speedy 30 kind of looks too big. (I don't remember how big/small they are since I haven't seen people with those bags in a while...) Please help!


Jan 22, 2007
Totally off topic, but my daughter is diabetic and your username just made me smile... guess you'd have to know bout Type 1 to get it. :P

As for your question, I carry my LV Speedy 30 a lot. I have the Mono print and it really does go with everything. As for what it holds, I have in there:
- Hobo International Lauren wallet - huge checkbook style
- 2 Hayden Harnett Carryalls - makeup bags
- large Maui Jim sunglasses case
- keys
- Blackberry
- ID holder
- small umbrella
I still have lots of room left over... matter of fact, we went to the Pro Bowl yesterday and I was able to stuff a cardigan AND A 6 PACK OF BEER (cans) in it! :biggrin: That is in addition to everything listed above! Is that not crazy or what???
My husband decided he LOVES my Speedy yesterday when it carried his beers for him. :smile:
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Oct 28, 2008
I would go for speedy as well. I got speedy 35 and i think its fantastic bag. I literally carry a sinc in my bag :smile: and 35 fits all my stuff u can dress it up, dress down.. Wear as casual bag with trainers, uggs, heels. Very versatile!
Second option would be any neutral color of balenciaga in city (if u prefer medium size bags) or work size (thats 4 big bag girl). Black, white, grey... They are perfect!
Good luck with finding your ideal bag
Jul 3, 2006
My Mono LV Speedy. It goes with everything, is gorgeous, classy, and just a wonderful bag. I've been carrying one for the past 15 years. I imagine I'll be carrying one for 30 more years.


Aug 7, 2008
speedy 30 is probably the best size IMO. the 25 holds the daily essentials (wallet, sunglasses, planner, even an iPOD) but looks rather small compared to most people's frames. i think a 30 gives you more room for the everyday essentials but also for the times when you're hauling a bottle of water or an extra cardigan for a chilly movie theater. a 30 also looks pretty good with most different heights and weights (doesn't look like a huge oversized bag or too dainty). i hope this helps!


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Dec 29, 2007
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i recently bought myself a mono speedy 30 and i love it. it holds my sunglasses, my cell, my camera, my diary, my glasses, my wallet, and my little bag with lotion and whatnot in it with room to spare. i have seen the speedy 25 before and imo it would be too small to carry a whole lot. it would probably fit the necessities but i wouldnt imagine much more than that. and as for color, your best bet for something that goes with everything would be either mono or damier ebene. good luck with your choice!