Help please!!!!

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Fushia ostrich 35cm Birkin with PH and croc.35cm with PH

  1. Yes, t's too much. I like fushia ostrich better

  2. Yes, t's too much. I like fushia croc better

  3. NO!!!! They are different enough!!

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  1. #1 Jan 31, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2009
    I need help everyone!!!
    Is it too much of pink to have Fushia ostrich Birkin 35cm Birkin with PH and Fushia poro crocodile birkin 35cm with PH? They are the same size AND same HW:sad::sweatdrop:!!! The only difference is one is porosus croc. and the other one is ostrich.

    I just can't decide if it's too much or different enough to have both on my own. PLEASE HELP my tpf sisters (and brothers:P) I am going NUTS!!!:Push:

    Oh, if you think it's too much of pink, which one do you prefer (ostrich vs. croc in Fushia)??

  2. I don't own anything exotic but IMHO Ostrich and Porosus Croc are totally totally different. Different look, feel, texture....Go for it!!
  3. they look so different colorwise i say go for it or if you want variety maybe try getting a kelly in fuschia croc
  4. Hmmm....
    Well, I own the former and don't aspire to the latter although it's a lovely bag and skin...since they are the same size, color and HW, personally I would choose one. Which would you be more likely to use? For me it would be the ostrich but if you think you would use the porosus more...
  5. There are ladies on the forum who one various styles in the same color,different sizes.They seem to be totally different next to each other in many ways.If its your favorite color why not.If you want a variety I agree with lilach try one in a kelly.
  6. Which make you more dizzy? to me the color fuschia is not for practical use, It's the dream bag, the bag only look at it that already make you dreamy...a love affair.

    they both are stunning! the Ostich sure is more practical. go to the one make you dizzy, I, fuschia Croc, It's so beautiful, I'm waiting for mine too.yay!
  7. If you like pink, exotic pink is the way to go! I voted just one - in croc, but if you really wanted the colour, you could break it up and get them in different styles for more variety. Say, a clutch (yummy!) or a Lindy.
  8. one fuchsia Birkin in one's collection (in any skin) is enough.

    unless you're Elle Woods.

    if you're going for one, I suggest the croc, just because of the handle darkening.

    but that's just my opinion.

  9. Allan you crack me up......:roflmfao:
  10. both pretty and the colour looks quite different in ostrich or croc so you could do both especiallly if the croc is shiny so you get ostrich (matte) and shiny croc, lovely!
  11. Thank you for your input~!
    My DH is a huge enabler normally. He likes pink on me, but he said having two of 'Hot pink' might be too much. His point is if one is 'hot pink' and other one is at least 'Rosy pink/pale pink', then having two pink bags is perfectly fine. But two of 'HOT pink:P' is just his opinion... But I am like 'It's porosus croc. in 35cm!!!! rare's not like black and brown crocodile!!!'

    I am throwing myself onto the bed and literally pulling my hair out now.....!!!!!!!!!!:devil: ))))))WHAT SHOULD I DO?????????????(((((((
  12. Soooo wanting a comparison shot right now to brighten a winters eve . . .
  13. I voted for just one - ostrich because I don't really know your wardrobe and habits, I had to answer, "what would I do?" I would LOVE to have a fuschia ostrich!!! I don't care for the fuschia crocs - just personal preference.
  14. I voted for the croc - I just love fuchsia in croc! It's TDF!!!!
  15. aspen - get both, of course! You are NOT crazy to wish for both! The croc will be a slightly diff pink than the one has scales and the other has bumps....

    diff color tones, diff skin looks....if you LOVE pink like I do, I say yes pls do get both!

    off to find color comparisons for your DH...