Help please...

  1. Can you still buy reporter bags? I am new to Chanel and live hours away from London (only stores in the UK).
    I am heading to Dubai in the next few weeks and am hoping to find one there. What do you think?
    Any ideas on alternatives if I don't have much luck?:shrugs:
  2. Yes, you can still get a reporter. I know you live in London, but my Chanel in VA had it in beige/beige and choco/choco. So at least you know they are still available.
  3. what color?
    My stores only seem to have black/black left.
    Rumor is they're out of production now, so they won't be restocking/re-ordering.
  4. Well if they aren't reordering, I suggest you get it quick before they're all gone. You should be able to find one now though. Do you have a color you really want?
  5. I'm from Dubai...I can call them up and ask for u I remember the last time I was there that they had one in the mini and maybe the large one but I'm not a 100% sure...the stores r going to open within the hour...I'll call up and ask what they have in stock and how much they cost
  6. Lilli

    R u travelling throught Heathrow T3, if so Yveline there is the best Chanel SA bcoz she is lovely and really helpful, plus she knows what she is talking about. Give her a ring.

    T4 also has a Chanel.
  7. I called chanel and they told me that they have the reporter in in beige and blck CC and the pink with the black CC and they have a special offer on them...they're approximately 1200 GBP and they have the smaller version that'll replace the larger size in black and black CC and thats around 1400 GBP...the prices I'm giving u are approximate :smile:
  8. U r the perfect example of why I joined tpf, everyone here is so nice :yes: and generous.

    I'm crossing my fingers Lilli gets her reporter!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I'm glad to help...I'm sure if I needed help from anyone else they wouldn't hesitate to help :smile:
  10. Thanks so much Shoog for checking for me. I'm going in a few weeks now so I'm hoping there is still one left for me. Not sure what colour I want until I see them but I suppose black would be easier to keep.
    Chanelbaby thanks too, unfortunately not flying from Heathrow but thanks for info.
  11. There are 2 chanel boutiques here in Dubai...the one I called is in Burjuman Shopping Centre...they open from 10:00-10:00 pm non stop...if u need anymore help..PM