help please

  1. Hi, i don't know if this is the right place to beg help, but i think so....
    yesterday i did some questions to eBay sellers about some bags and today i simply can't do theme anymore...i don't know whta's going on...
    Do we have limited number os messages to send?
  2. are you contacting them through eBay or another e-mail service ?
  3. I'm not sure if I understand . . .

    you can "Ask Seller a Question" as many times as you want as far as I know on eBay:shrugs:
  4. yeah you can contact them as much as you like usually unless the seller has contacted eBay over harassment but I doubt it so Im sorry I dont know :shrugs:
  5. i'm contacting them through Ebay.
    Something like "ask sellers...", so strange...

    But thank you for the help, i will continue trying
  6. the problem continues, the message which appears is this one:

    "The form is not available at this time.
    You have exceeded the maximum number of messages you can send."
  7. I hada problem a while ago like that. It as like I had readched a limit of about 10 in 24 hours. but that was a while ago. sometimes it stops me & sometimes it lets me. weird.

    If you need something authenticating, you can always post the link on the relevant pages on here & the fabulous ladies& lads on here will gladly help if they can.
  8. or maybe you try to sign out from ebay then sign in again?
  9. Are you a fairly new member - I think I remember something on the ebay boards saying that if you are a new member there may be a limit to the amount of messages you send, you could always try asking this question on the ebay board they might be able to tell you more :smile:
  10. everything is fine now.Thank very much to everyone!

    I'm new, these things happend...:yes:
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