Help please


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Aug 22, 2008
i just actually wandered onto this site while looking for help about a coach bag my mom bought a couple years ago.
it has a very long strap for going over the shoulder, and a big flap. i cant even find any pictures of it, and i dont know what style it is actually called.

inside it said its number D06Q-10082. i looked that up, and found NOTHING.:shrugs:

my mom wants me to figure out if there is a way i could double up the strap to make it a simple shoulder bag. (SHE SWEARS THE LADY TOLD HER IT WAS POSSIBLE WITH THIS BAG)

she has been trying and trying for almost a year to figure out how to get this strap doubled, and can't figure it out. so she gave it to me, said if i could figure it out... i'd get 20 dollars on the spot.

i am a seventeen year old with no job, so i want the 20 dollars really bad, and have been searching every coach site, even looking at coach purses that aren't the same style, but also have adjustable straps.
i can't find out how to double this strap for the life of me. AGAIN :shrugs:!!!

IF ANYONE KNOWS, please please tell me. i dont know how to describe this purse, but i will try the best i can. it has that classic "Coach" patten... with all the c's on it. its light brown, with a leather strap. as i said, it has a big flap on it that closes with a magnetic snap. LONG strap for the shoulder. number D06Q-10082.

PLEASE help if you can. thanks.


Nov 24, 2008
I know this is old but I have had a friend ask me the same thing. Assuming the bag is a crossbody has a dogclip on one end, simply undo the clip and feed the strap all the way through the D-ring. Loop it back over its self to make a "double strap" and attach the dogclip to the Dring on the opposite side.
Viola! you have a shoulder bag!