Help please....

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  1. Where can I find an AUTHENTIC Chanel Cambon leather wallet... black leather with white C's? I always wanted one, but I never see them anywhere. Do they still make them? Ideally, I would like to buy it online. Links or store names would be very much appreciated. I would love a discounted one, but I am wary of the websites showing up when I do my google search or Ebay. Thanks a million. :smile:

    p.s. I found one named which looks questionable. Has anyone ever ordered from them b4?
  2. The website sells fake merchandise. I would recommend Ebay, but have it authenticated on the forum if you see something you like. There are really no stores that carry Chanel, the only one I can think of is Bluefly, but I doubt they would have the Cambon wallet. Other than that, you could try reputable consignment stores on-line.
  3. eBay would be your best bet. Like Michele said, just have it authenticated here:

    The experts on TPF are many times more knowledgeable than actual Chanel sales associates. :yes:

    Here are some links to consignment sites that you should check daily for new items. They sell quickly!

    Also, you can join the MarketPlace here on TPF! It's like a buy and sell forum exclusively for TPF members. There is a bit of a lengthy application processing time, and you'll need to build up your post count before you can join. It is, however, well worth it!
  4. i have this wallet and i absolutely love the bright pink tht pops out when you open it up..i bought mine in the boutique back in jan this year..and my friend bought hers like last year(zip around wallet) so i dont know if the boutiques may have them still? maybe not eh?
  5. 'out of curiosity whats the post count that u must reach until u are able to join the market place??
  6. Thanks everyone. I figured that site was full of fakes, but thanks for the confirmation. I am looking on all the sites you posted, but no luck so far. If any1 ever comes across 1, let me know. I am desperate. I should of bought 1 when I first wanted 1. :sad: I won't give up hope yet, though! Feel free to post if you think of more sites or stores.... thanks again. xo

    500 posts minimum, and you must have been a member for at least 5 months. :yes:

    The first time I applied I was rejected lol. Then I tried again and finally got in, but it took a while for my app to get processed (there must be SO many people applying). Don't get discouraged.
  8. The black cambon wallets with black patent CC's are still in production. I believe the black with white CC's have been discontinued. You should still be easily able to locate the black on black cambon wallets. Try calling the Chanel 800 number and have them locate one for you. 1-800-550-0005. If/when you find one through them at a Chanel boutique, the boutiques can always mail you the wallet for free (once you give them your credit card info).
  9. well i guess i have a longggggggggg way to go but i dont really have anything i want to sell at the moment..maybe in the future though..hrmmm hehe thanks for ur help!:wlae: