help please!

  1. hi everyone! i did a bad thing...i usually don't check the subforums often but one day i decided to go to this subforum and now i am IN LOVE :heart:

    i have been obssessing over bbags for the past 2 weeks. i am hoping to get my first bag sometime soon but since i live in houston, that seems to be a big problem. i don't know any stores in houston that sells bbags, and since this is my first one i would love to touch/feel it before i purchase it.

    so i'm just wondering if you ladies know of any stores or even good consignment stores that would carry bbags in houston?? also. do bbags appear on ebay often?

    any advice would be greatly appreciated! i need a bbag so i can stop thinking about it 24/7! :love:
  2. go read atelier.naff ASAP before attempting eBay, then check with the ladies on the authenticate this sticky before bidding! thats the best advice i can give you for buying secondhand :yes: on that website there is an article about where to buy bags in different places too- check that for places that sell bbags in houston- but its all new retailers, not consignment!

    good luck! welcome to bbags!
  3. yeah, i agree with mocean.
    ideal 1st b-bag is a black city, but that depends on ur personality & style... my 1st b-bag is in shopper.
    :yahoo: good luck with the b-bag :P
  4. oh boy, the b-bag bug has bitten again, hold onto your CC atn242 :yahoo:
  5. hehehehe, the fever has taken hold of an innocent! hehehhe! :graucho:
  6. atn242, the first step in our 12-step balenciaga addiction program is:

    1) definitely read through this site:

    it has TONS of useful info about balenciaga bags, including styles and where to buy in your area.
    after familiarizing yourself with a style you might be interested in, check on ebay for hard-to-find or used bags... post in the "authenticate this balenciaga" sticky in this subforum and we can all help you find what you're looking for! :yes:
  7. oh yeah, and make sure to familiarize yourself with b-bag fever by checking these 2 threads ("B-bag fever, who's got it?" & "Why can't i just be happy") :P...don't wanna scare you, but once you buy your 1st bag, the sickness takes hold :wtf:...the good news is that we're all here to help with your new-found addiction :tender:
  8. thank you so much for all of the advice! :yes: i'm "researching" right as we speak :graucho:
  9. Atn, check out Mix Modern, they sell bags in Houston.
  10. Check your local NM- if they don't have them in stock, they can special order then for you!
  11. ^^I was about to post this but couldn't think of their name! It's a boutique in River Oaks yes? {off Kirby}
  12. Really studying the photographs on ateliernaff helped me sooo much. You must learn about the bales, buckles, zippers, colors by season and year, etc. It is pretty easy to learn and you will be able to spot real bags on ebay without any problem.

    Or you could just post any bags you are interested in on the Authenticate This board.

    Bbag addiction doesn't just go away, so be prepared. And we are always here to enable.....err...I mean support you! *L*
  13. I live in the Houston area also and Mix Modern is the only boutique in Houston that I know of that carries them. I heard they are havign a 1/2 off sale but they don't have much left.
  14. sorry to go OT, but i just wanted to welcome you to TPF girl, :flowers::tender::wlae: