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  1. I no longer have the disc for my olympus camera a D-380 and need the 'camedia master version 2.5 software' in order to load pics onto my computer.

    I can not find a free download of it anywhere on the internet - Does anyone else have this software and are you able to email it to me so that I am able to post pictures.

    PLEEAASSEEE anyone ??:sad:
  2. Is it a USB camera? If so, you don't need no special software to download it. WinXP maps USB cameras as drives once you plug them in, then you can just drag the pictures off the camera onto your computer drive.
  3. yes it is USB . I will give it a go thankyou :smile:
  4. I just checked, the D-380 is indeed a USB camera. You should be able to access the camera's contents in Windows Explorer just fine!
  5. yay it worked thankyou :smile: