help please


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Jan 26, 2006
I was wondering if anyone can help me. I saw this purse that reese witherspoon was carrying (and i know i saw it on other celebs b4) but i cant for the life of me figure out the name of it. I want to buy it so if anyone has any idea what i am talking about it would be really helpful. It was a red leather handbag, w/ a red leather heart hanging from the zipper part i think. she had it hanging on her forearm. I dont know what else i would be able to say to describe it...i really hope that is enough to help anyone help
Would you be able to post a picture? It might be a Luella Bartley bag...I distinctly remember seeing her carry one, and it matches your description.
Thank you guys so much! its my valentines wish list and i had no idea what to tell my fiancee! it is a gorgeous bag and i feel anything she carries is fine for me!:biggrin: thanks again!