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  1. Ladies my cousin is a little incompetent when it comes to using the internet. So saying this she purchases a Marc Jacobs stam from Ioffer which was horribly fake. Apparently she didnt know that Ioffer only sold fakes. So she sent it back to China 2 weeks ago tomorow and she hasnt heard back from the seller. Is it safe to assume the seller is going to scam her. Any advice you gals can give me to pass on?:flowers:

    EDIT: she did pay using paypal and American Express
  2. Well, unless she used paypal or a credit card she might have lost her money. I have heard bad things about paying by Western Union. I don't know if ioffer will stand behind their stuff. I doubt it.
    I was shocked to see that they are faking Marc Jacobs Ursala Bowlers on Ioffer, too. I have that bag and was thinking of selling it. I bought it from Saks for job interviews, and I never thought it was an IT bag by any means. Apparently, they fake it all now, so I can understand how an uneducated consumer could make that mistake.
  3. The money is gone. I'm sorry to say this but that's because I'm 100% they don't accept paypal in China, which means your cousin must have paid using Western Union or ichecks or TT wire. And no one in China will bother to return your money. It is a well-known fact that everything on ioffer is fake, so the liability passed onto your cousin.
  4. Actually she did pay using paypal.
  5. Please help! I need advice.:cry:
  6. Can you dispute it with paypal claiming fraud?
  7. What's a stam? :hrmm:

    PayPal certainly has lots of buyer protection programs under their sleeves, especially for eBay transactions. I'm not too sure how you can get your money back. But first, tell her it's a good thing that she used PayPal to at least let her sleep a bit easier. The only person who would know what step to take next is a PayPal dispute representative. So make sure she sends them an email as soon as possible. Good luck.
  8. A stam is a very popular handbag model by Marc Jacobs.
  9. Expensive?

    And check your pm, bro. :yes:
  10. ^^^ yes it is expensive.
  11. Not true because paypal doesn't do anything to help you get your money back if the seller can prove that the item was sent to the buyer's confirmed address. Suppose the item turns out to be fake and you did not have it authenticated formally before you returned it, paypal won't do anything. Even if you did have the item authenticated but sent it back, ebay will not do anything either because there is no proof that you sent the fake item back.

    Also, the seller protection policies under ebay does not extend to ioffer.

    You can try. Paypal will have you fill in an affidavit declaring that the item is fake. But here's the reality. Sellers in China do not have a bank account which they link to paypal like people in US do. So, the money goes into the paypal account, the seller uses the money. And paypal have nowhere to "suck" it out from.

    Sorry for the gloomy picture.
  12. Dang... That is quite gloomy...
  13. Indeed. I didn't receive any PM from you.
  14. bro ??
  15. If money was paid via paypal with credit card you can dispute it with your bank. Also dispute with Paypal.