Help please!

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  1. Hi sissa,
    I've tried this type on with a coat on and it went quite smoothly. I am 165 cm and not very heavy, though, depends on your body frame, I suppose, but it is meant as a shoulder bag, I think![​IMG]
  2. Thanks Brigitte! I'm as tall as you and not so heavy, maybe I can try, the only problem is that LVR doesn't accept returns and I don't have any chance to try this bag somewhere. I didn't buy a medium Paddy for the same reason...:sad:
  3. I just recently bought this bag and it fits nicely on my shoulders. I'm 5'9" and love the way it fits- I haven't tried it with a coat (since I live in FL), but did try it with light jacket and it fits well. It is more of a snug fit than some bags, but still enough room to be comfortable. I tend to prefer that type of fit rather than a longer strap- the longer strap seems to put more pull on the neck area. I love the 'user friendly' aspect of this bag--large open compartment and smaller ones on the outside.
  4. :tup:I'm 5ft 4in (medium build) and have no trouble wearing the Quilted Medium Bay on my shoulder, even with a fairly bulky coat on. I find this design very comfortable to wear this way, especially as the handles are quite wide and really soften up with use, so don't end up cutting into your shoulder if you're carrying around lots of stuff (which I do all the time !).