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  1. A friend of mine is working on a paper and she's trying to find info on where all our favorite bags are manufactured/how and the REAL costs of the bags and all that stuff. Does anyone have any info on this? I know I've seen a few posts of girls talking about doing papers on bags, so does anyone have any ideas where I could get this info? If so I'd really appreciate any help :smile: Thanks girls!!! :yes:
  2. She can easily obtain a catalogue with full prices for LV at their store.
    Most designer boutiques have catalogues and I think it'd be the easiest that way~

    For Hermes bags, you can read the sticky post that has bags and prices... which I think is accurate and recent.

    Another option would be to go to a deptment store and write down prices for the particular bags she wants to talk about.
  3. i think she's talking about, like, the cost for LV to manufacture a bag, not what that bag then costs the consumer.

    i don't know where you'd find that info, but if you're willing to slog through financial websites, i bet you can find profit margins of the large companies like LVMH or Gucci Group.
  4. Sorry I can't help but that's going to be one interesting paper! :biggrin: Holly798g, there are some posters here who work in the handbag industry - hopefully they'll read your post and will be able to offer you some constructive advice.
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