help please!!

  1. hi guys!
    I am in a little bit of a bind here.
    after going to Hermes store on daily bases for over a year looking for a gold Togo 35 cm birkin with gold hardware finally luck came my way in more ways than expected. I
    was offered by my sa gold 35 cm birkin with ph on Thursday at first I declined because I wanted gold with gold so after a sleepless night I could not stop thinking about the bag I let go and since my sa from that store was off the next day she could not be reached it drove me nuts so the next day I went to another location to see what they had and guess what my sa from that store offered me a gold Togo with gold exactly what I wanted the only thing they would have to check the list and see if there was anyone else waiting for it. I hung around the store and then my sa came up to me and said since they were so busy before the price increase they could not go thru the list so the manager would have to call me on another day.i was disappointed because I did not want to miss the opportunity with the other one. my sa was going away for vacation the next day from store number two so she took the imprint of my credit card and left all the info with the manager specifically for gold Togo with gold. so here I am not wanting to miss out on the other bag since this started to look like it may not work out I called the other sa and left the message on her voice mail that if the bag is still available I am still interested. when I did not hear from the manager from the other store I went ahead and bought my Togo with ph I figured if the gold one went thru I would get it as well since gold is what I wanted or if it didn't I would still have ph one. on Saturday I got a call from the manager saying that she billed my card for gold Togo 35 with silver. now I bought myself two gold Togo ph. she also said she sent out the bag yesterday my conversation with sa was that she would hold the bag to be picked up. not only that I bought the bag I never agreed to I also paid for shipping that I never asked for. I left messages on that woman's phone yesterday saying that the bag in question was gold with gold and that I wanted to pick it up and not have it shipped.
    what am I going to do now? I don't want store credit because if I wait for another birkin to come along it will cost me more money after the increase. there goes my savings. I don't want to tie up my money for no reason either. I feel very blessed for all those beauties come my way but I don"t need the same ones.
    I have to call her again tomorrow.
    please help!!!!!
    here is the picture of the beauty i took home.
    gold birkin.jpg
  2. I'm a bit confused I thought you specifically was going to be billed for the GH the one she showed you? So how come that it turned into PH?
  3. Since it's her mistake, she should refund your credit card.
  4. me too?
  5. she did not show me the bag because they had to make sure it did not belong to somebody else.they had to go thru the list first. the manager said that if it did not belong to anyone else i could have it. i discussed only gold with gold with my sa and that's what she put down. i have no idea how it turned into ph. that was never part of the conversation. i got the message after the store has closed so i could not reach her.
  6. ^^ It's seems like a misunderstanding between the manager and your SA (who is away), they will be able to clear that up and refund you.
  7. If you agreed to gold with ghw at the second store and they charged and sent one with ph, then it is their mistake and they should refund you the bag and shipping. Call them right away and let them know.
  8. I think at both stores you indicated an interest to buy the birkin and left all relevant financial information. It is only natural that they would charge your card.

    No one knew that you wanted one but not the other or whatever combination was your first choice...... so when it was available, you were charged~twice. You were really confusing the stores by putting in your buy order twice with different SAs. I guess once both buy orders are executed, you're the buyer of two gold birkins.

    Try to see if you could get refund for one of them. I think Hermes only gives out store credit, which means later you can use the credit to get something else. Another birkin in a different color, maybe.

    They will accept returns, but can't guarantee that you'll get the funds back to your credit card.
  9. if she has it written down gold on gold. then call her and let her know that you'll return the wong bag when you get the delivery. she should credit you back. including the shipping.
  10. it's their mistake so they should definitely refund your money.....
  11. my phone did not work where i was so the exact message was that i am sending out the bag today gold togo 35cm silver. the bag is gorgeous so i will runnin your card the time i got the message the store was closed.i gave them authorization to just charge my card for the gold and gold bag that i discussed.
    anyway i left her a message right away saying that the bag in question was gold with gold hw and that i already own gold and silver so please call me to let me know my options. then i called again saying that after listening to the message again she mentioned sending it out when i asked for the bag to be picked up and again mentioning gold hardware and not silver. i would be happy with any other color at this point other than gold with ph. if it wasn't for the price increase i would wait to see if anything else would come for them to change it to.
  12. Hmm... 2 gold birkins with PH is not going to do you much good. If they insist on their no return/ only store credit policy. I would then ask for a completely different color/HW combo. You'll all of a sudden own 2 birkins, but at least they're both before the price increase!
  13. i did not put an order for any of them. what i really wanted was gold and gold. no one took down my order info. when i walked into store number one my sa was kind enough to offer me what was in the back .at first declined because i did not want to settle then when i walked away i felt stupid for doing that especially before the when i walked into store number two and the sa who i bothered for a year told me about the gold and gold i felt like my dream came true but after she said that the list had to be checked first i lost hope. anyway the next day i waited all day for the woman to call. when she didn't i stopped by the store to ask in person she said they did not go thru the list and was very dismissive so that's when i just called my other girl and bought the bag. the reason i gave my card info at store number 2 is because my sa was leaving for her vacation the next day so she took care of everything for the manager. i am not the crazy person placing orders all over the place. i hope i don't sound like some nut case.
  15. what do you mean by that? i am confused.