Help Please!!

  1. Sorry guys if there is an answer to my questions elsewhere on the Forum, but i've looked & can't find!!

    I am going to London in a few weeks to get my first BBag (am soooooooooooooo excited!!). I've wanted one for ages to add to my Louis & Gucci collection! I know they are available in Harvey Nics, Selfridges & Harrods, but I just wanted your advice on how they are normally available? i.e. Do the stores normally hold an assortment of colours in each style? (I am ideally after a Tomato or Magenta City but am interested to see what the Coral Red is like). Also, I know it is early days but when do they launch their colour range for 2008, is it likely to be available soon or is it something that will be announced later in the year?

    Just wanted your advice really, although I know most of you guys are based in the USA, it just seems you may be able to get hold of these beauties than us poor little Brits!

    Thanx ladies :wlae:
  2. Hi GoldyR and welcome to Balenciaga!!!
    Very few stores (I don't know of any actually) carry all styles in all colors. Each store will have certain colors in certain styles only. You might want to try calling ahead to see what they have in stock. As you can see from the other threads, some of the 2008 colors are already in:smile: You may also want to check the Balenciaga Shopping section for phone numbers, etc.

    Tomato is a beautiful red! I love it and hope you find one! Magenta has received mixed reviews but it looks like there are some very pretty ones out there. Do let us know how your search goes!
  3. Thank u, I will ring all the stores & see - where do you guys in America tend to get yours from?:huh: