Help Please!!!

  1. Hey guys and Gals!

    I don't post really over here, but I have a delimma!

    My son flung my LV off the stroller hood, and out went flying my Gucci sunglasses right on the boardwalk.. *sniff* They are my baby.

    So anyway, now they have a scratch on the lense. I don't know what to do. I had put them in my purse because I did not bring my case.

    Are you able to help w/info?? I'd appreciate it very much!!:smile:

    Here is my baby that got injured!

  2. Oh no! I'm sorry about that..I don't know what to do except for taking it to a eyeglass store and asking if they could do something. Sometimes they have those things that remove scratches, don't know how it works or if it will for you. Otherwise I'd contact Gucci to see if they could replace that side?
  3. Gucci will not replace that side, their policy on sunglasses repairs under warranty is this:

    The warranty WILL NOT cover scratched lenses or accidental damage, only faults that have occurred as a result of a manufacturing fault will be covered.

    My suggestion is to contact Safilo USA - they are the licensed manufacturer for all Gucci sunglasses and very pleasant to speak to - ask them where and how you could get the repair done and they will let you know:
  4. I go to my local sunglass store..They replace the lens for me FOR FREE too...Any place can do it
  5. That is so awesome!! I'm going to go next weekend! How cool that they fix them for free! (I don't care about paying) But free is always good!