help please !

  1. Hey girls, quick question maybe you guys can help me out. i have a swingpack i'm in looove with it but i wore it with a pair of dark jeans the other day... and the dye rubbed off on my swing pack! any suggestions of how to get that out??? thanks!
  2. wow...Sorry to hear that.....Which swingpack do you have?
  3. signature cleaner from coach? good luck!
  4. the vachetta signature? :sad:
  5. Did the denim color transfer to the signature fabric, vachetta leather or both?
  6. the color transferred to the sig. fabric.
  7. You can try using Coach's signature fabric cleaner, Shout wipes, a Tide To Go pen or baby wipes. I've never tried to remove denim color transfer from a signature bag but I've had good luck using all of the things I've mentioned (except baby wipes) on other stains.

    Good luck!
  8. maybe you could also try a mr clean magic eraser?
    if you were careful not to get it on the leather then i'd say try a little woolit and water and scrub with the magic eraser- like spot treat it...
    hope some thing works!