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  1. Hello,

    I purchased a Dior handbag on eBay and it was fake. I contacted the buyer, whom after much negotiation, has agreed to a refund.

    The seller is very angry about having to provide a refund and states she will be leaving negative feedback! I paid on time and the seller has no reason to be leaving negative feedback. I have been really nice and told her I understand she may not have known it was fake.

    I have no negative feedback at all and am shocked by the seller's threats of leaving negative feedback...all because I have asked for a refund since the handbag was fake.

    I am very upset by this whole thing. In addition, the seller keeps asking me to send her eBay, Paypal and legal policies on selling fake items. I have spent an enormous amount of time on this matter and can't believe a seller is asking for me to basicially prove she can't sale fake items and is required to send me a refund. I am terminally ill and can't believe another human being would act like this, with time being so short in this world for all of us. If she does leave negative feedback :crybaby:, can eBay do anything at all about it? Any assistance with this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. i am sorry to hear about your problem...
    i am not an ebay expert but you are also allowed to give her a negative (which many people don't do for fear of retaliation)which she deserves.
    i am not sure about ebay doing anything at all but you should leave her a negative, i think you can even reply to her negative and point that the seller agreed to a return as the bag was a fake, at least you get your side of the story.
    i'm not sure if i am being any help at all but i am sure some of the other ladies with more experience can give you a more helpful response...
    take care :flowers:
  3. You can report this auction to ebay (since it is a fake) and ebay will remove the auction, this way she cant leave you a negative feedback but then you cant leave her any feedback either. If you paid with paypal and need to file a complaint with paypal for your money back just showing paypal that the auction was removed will result in them finding in your favor.
  4. Forward her emails to She CANNOT threaten you with negative FB because she sold you a fake bag. It is the seller's responsibility to only sell authentic merchandise.

    I would also advise you to open a claim with eBay/PP to cover your tracks. In fact, I wouldn't send the bag back unless you are told to do so by eBay. In many cases, you are asked to keep the merchandise as proof that it's fake. If you don't have the bag, you can't prove it's fake.
  5. I would leave HER negative feedback so that others know she sells fakes! If she is concerned about her feedback rating, she may ask for a mutual withdrawal of the negative feedback. Sounds like she knows she is selling fakes and is now trying to retaliate against you for calling her out on it. I would probably wait to leave her feedback until you get your money back from her. I would also probably file a PayPal claim(if you paid by PayPal) just in case she tries to pull any crap and not refund you after you have sent the bag back. If you haven't sent the bag back yet, I would file the PayPal claim and then wait until PayPal tells you to send it back. That way the funds in her account will be frozen.
  6. Hello Pukasonqo,

    Thank you so much for your message. I sincerely understand what you mean. I would feel so bad leaving her negative feedback though, I mean that's just not a nice thing to do. I don't think she knew it was fake, since she mentioned she originally purchased it upon eBay. I have no idea what to do and am very upset by the whole thing.

    I know (1) negative feedback is no big deal, but I take great pride in my eBay business - it is all I have as income (besides my little disability check..haha). I am shocked by how nasty the seller is being...I keep thinking, I am the buyer who got the fake bag - she is the seller and I believe should take the recourse of selling fake items and provide a return...why should I be punished for simply trying to return a fake item? I am not repoting her to eBay or Paypal, I keep saying I would just like to resolve it. She keeps asking for proof that she has to give me a refund...why should I spend the little time I have looking endlessly for proof she owes me a refund. It's illegal to sale fake items...most everyone knows this! I would jump over backwards for a buyer if I ever heard they purchased a fake item from me (which they never would). She seems so so so angry that I have asked for a refund. It is roughly $60 dollars...I looked at her other items and she does sale other handbags (Dior, Coach, Dooney & Bourke)...I wonder if they are fake as well. Thanks for your support, sorry for going on and on. Thank you so much for listening. xo
  7. Have you considered opening a dispute? I think that is what you should do. I am sorry that you are dealing with this, and it is unfortunate that their are people like this out there. File the dispute...if she is going to fight a refund, let her fight it with paypal.
  8. Hello All...

    Thank you so much for your support!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I sincerely mean it with all of my heart. A few of you have mentioned having the item removed...can I do this even though the auction has ended? She is also asking if I will reimburse eBay listing fee's and I sent her a link to eBay's mutual agreement to refund fees.

    I understand she is upset about having to provide a refund, but unfortunately I don't want a fake bag. I own an authentic Dior Girly Reporter bag, so I sent her side by side pics showing her bag next to my authentic bag. I have posted some of the pics I sent the seller below.

    Here is the item:

  9. Beautifulbasics,

    I'm so sorry you're going through this on top of health problems. I've been in your position buying a fake, but the seller didn't refund me & still left a retaliatory negative feedback (my first in over 2900 positives) She deserved hers, I didn't deserve mine, but you CAN reply to hers and explain the facts & people will understand.

    Only sellers feedback shows up to prospective buyers anyway, and that's mostly what a buyer wants to see, so don't sweat it. You've done nothing wrong.

    The paypal process asks the buyer to provide written proof the bag is fake, which is totally whacked since the eBay rules clearly state it's the sellers responsibility to make sure their item is authentic BEFORE listing it! It's less hassle if you can settle it off eBay.

    If you need links to the rules against selling fake bags, just let me know & I'll find them & post here.

    Good luck & keep us posted!
  10. yes, you can have the auction removed even through the auction has already ended. The seller will also get a strike for selling this fake. You should report this auction to ebay for removal and file a paypal claim for a refund. Dont ship the bag back to the seller until paypal tells you to and when you do send it back make her sign for it so you have proof it was returned.
  11. Good Luck and God Bless! :p
  12. Hello Rosepetals,

    Thanks for all of your help. This seller has really upset me! She is furious I have asked for a refund and a refund of the original s/h costs (which I understand a seller is required to refund if I do file a Paypal SNAD complaint). She seems to think it is all my fault I purchased her fake handbag (I did send her a link to eBay's fake items policy). She keeps asking me why I didn't ask more questions before I bid. She also keeps mentioning how she has my emails prior to bidding, of which ask about the serial number for the handbag. I asked all questions I could think of prior to bidding, how was I suppose to know the handbag was fake. She said " Also if you had sent me pictures of your authentic bag, I would have gladly answered any questions that you may have had, however the only thing you asked me about was the serial number. I also have all of those emails if you would like me to sent them to you as well." So, I am to blame because I didn't send her pics of my own authentic bag prior to bidding so that she could compare them to her fake and let me know it was fake...what buyer ever does this? Ahhhh! I am losing my mind. Thanks for everyone's support, it has really picked up my spirits. I am shocked someone can leave retalitory feedback at all and that this is allowed. A buyer should not be terrified of asking for a refund after receiving a fake item. I am actually scared of this seller and I always try with my entire heart to be kind to others.

    Can someone help me, if I proceed with returning the item (since finally after weeks of emails, the seller has agreed to a refund) and they receive it and don't provide a refund, then what? Just curious. When shipping the item, I will do delivery confirmation.

    Ah..........I feel sick (hahaha - sicker than normal) over this whole mess.
  13. I have a buyer that is mad at me because I filed a non pay! She is pissed at me when I didn't do anything wrong. I contacted ebay and explained the situation (she paid me through Paypal with a STOLEN credit card) and they say that any transaction can have feedback. UGH!

    I have learned not to leave feedback first, that way you can leave them a negative too.

    Your first negative SUCKS! I know, I only have one! But it isn't the end of the world... PROMISE! So don't stress about something so un important!
  14. don't return the bag until you got your refund, she might not give you the money back. and it was her responsability to ensure that the bag she was selling wasn't a fake.
    and do leave her negative feedback,she deserves it.
    hope you can get over this drama soon...:flowers:
  15. I am sorry you're having all this upset. It seems to me that people naturally, if illogically, become disproportionately defensive when they feel threatened and I guess that is what is behind her aggressive response, but ultimately it is not acceptable. It sounds like you have done everything possible to remove the problem from the person and be utterly professional in your communication. I would definitely shift it to Paypal as a dispute now because regrettably it seems you are not going to get any further with this to-ing and fro-ing despite your very best and patient efforts. Try not to let this worry you too much - I know that is easy to say and hard to do, but it truly is not worth damaging your own wellbeing for.