Help Please!

  1. Hi fellow Bal bag lovers,

    My Balenciaga store has sold out of all the new collection Day bags before they even hit the shop as they went to those on the VIP waiting list. Do you know of any online sites where I can buy something please?

    Thank you for all your help!

  2. I should add the prices on Diabro for the Day hobo is very good starting at $780 for the black. Shipping is usually around $20 and arrives within days from Japan with a tracking number. I just bought the steel Day from them, i asked for one with wrinkly leather and i got a really lovely one!
  3. Thank you so much for all the tips. Much appreciated. I went onto Diabro and Aloha Rag today and I don't know if I'm being a ninny but they had no B bags? Maybe Aloha has stopped selling them and Diabro has run out. The steel colour is beautiful. Congratulations!! Vx
  4. Click on my link above this should take you straight to the page. I think what you may have done is looked at Balenciaga in the mens tab, if you click on ladies and then balenciaga you'll find the bags! You will need to email Aloha Rag for their stock, they don't list them online.
  5. Thank you! I'm going home in August so will also look in Selfridges. I would love something with the new silver hardware. They are such gorgeous bags. Have you ever bought a hobo. They have one instore here in a creamy colour but I'm not sure if the style is as lovely as the day. What do you think?
  6. I called Selfridges before i bought from Diabro and they have the current colours and the Day hobo is £525, so thought Diabro were a better deal. Do you mean the Besace Hobo? i have been thinking about it, i especially like the steel and cinnamon with the silver GH, i think it's a lovely bag, my only thought is if it is too flat? i like that my Day hobo is slouchy. On the other hand i like the idea of wearing the besace across the body, if it came in RH i would snap it up without a second thought!

    This was an interesting thread about it and citychris attached a good picture of her modelling hers:
  7. Hi

    No it's not that one. It's the hobo bag. It's very rounded whereas the day is longer and more rectangular. I'm not sure that the hobo looks that good if it's not stuffed. Whereas the day looks great. I don't know how to post a link but there are pics in the Balenciaga style thread. V
  8. Realised after i posted which one you meant - i have the besace hobo on the brain as was seriously contemplating it! i know the one you mean, i think it is beautiful, but i'm definitely a RH girl so the Day is the bag for me! Also i like how the Day gets slouchy with age, not sure how the hobo will look when it's broken in?
  9. I'm with you. The day looks slouchy and gorgeous. The bummer is that they have the hobo in the creamy white colour but never received the day bags as they went to the vips. I like the besace hobo but I do such a square job (headhunting) that I could never wear it for work.
  10. If you really have your heart set on the Day, i would recommend Diabro. Although the hobo with GH would make a good work bag as it would take you from smart to casual very easily....;)
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  12. Diabro has good prices on Day in RH, when you go to their site, you need to making sure that you are on ladies page and then click on Balenciaga, it will show you all the balenciaga bags they have in stock. Good luck. Aloha Rag also great !!
  13. Is your steel day what they are calling "noir" on the site? Or is that black (which means they are sold out of steel). :tdown:
  14. noir is black...
    looks like they only have the first, city and matelasse in steel...

    aloha rag has the steel day in stock (for $995)...