Help Please

  1. I'm selling one of my bags on eBay, and a buyer contact me asking if I reconsider shipping to Belgium. This would be the first item I sell on eBay so I do not know anything about it. Do you girls recommend shipping internationally? Also, when I was posting the ad I stated I was gonna ship ovnt via fedex for $15 so I went to the fedex web and saw that it would be almost $100 to ship to her so I email her back saying it would be too expensive so this morning she send me another email saying the following:
    Hello again!It would be fine with me if you could send the bag with USPS Worldwide Expedited,it would cost $35 and it would take three to five days to arrive.Could you check with your post office if that's correct,please?

    So I dont know what should I do? TIA
  2. Depends on how much you want to sell the bag. I ship by US Global Express Mail -- you get a tracking no.
  3. Hi, if it is your first transaction, I'd recommend that you only ship within the US.

    If she is paying by Paypal, you won't be covered by the Seller Protection stuff for shipping to Belgium. This means that if she claims she didn't get the bag, or if she does a credit card chargeback, then you will lose the money. Only the US, some Canada, and some of the UK are covered by the SPP (because only these country have confirmed addresses - required by Paypal for their protection.)

    If you do decide to ship to Belgium, make sure that the buyer is aware that you will be declaring the full amount on any customs form (she may be liable to pay tax). I'd also only send USPS Global Express with signature required.

    Good luck!
  4. ^^ thx u much i will do that. so if ship to canada Im protected?
  5. I think international sales can often appear over-complicated but they aren't in reality in my experience. I sell and buy internationally and thanks to some patient Ebayers I have learned a lot about postal tarrifs, customs etc. My advice is to do it if you have the time and inclination to go that extra mile to explore the options. The postal amount you found sounds quite high to me, and I guess there might be a better service. I guess it comes down to how much you want to sell the item and your comfort level, but don't be unduly afraid - many of my best transactions have been international!
  7. I have sold a lot on ebay and hate shipping to other countries as it can be a pain. If I really want to sell something I say ok and usually it means a wait in line at the post office. I would double check but most of the time I have found that the buyers know the best and cheepest way to ship to their country. Just make sure if you do it you can track the package. If not make sure the buyer is aware and save a copy of the receipt until they recive it (so you can prove you shipped it).
  8. ^^thx u much
  9. I would ask the prospective buyer - that is how I learned about tarrifs. Those guys overseas told me about services I never knew existed!
  10. I think USPS Global Express is the most reliable for international sales, but it will be more than $35 if you're adding insurance and signature delivery, which are both a MUST if you're selling something expensive. Global Express gets through customs quicker than any other delivery method.

    If your buyer hasn't paid yet, be careful, if the buyer is new or seems suspicious, make them pay using something else instead of Paypal, like Bidpay, check, etc. If you have a good feeling about the buyer, and they have good feedback, then maybe it's ok to use Paypal. International buyers are so stressful for me! I'm afraid of Paypal chargebacks with international unconfirmed addresses.