Help Please!

  1. I recently came across a few chanel jewelry pieces online and I'm wondering if anyone would happen to know retail prices and if the items are still being carried??? Any help will be appreciated! Thanks in advance :smile:

    (I'm attaching the pictures)
    chanel link bracelet.jpg chanel bracelet.jpg chanel black bangle.jpg
  2. They're all so purdy! Geesh, not sure but I know someone posted a thread about their accessories haul just recently. It included the 3rd pic you have pictured so you may want to search for that.
  3. Are those pics from lol. I was just there last night browsing.

    I love the first bracelet.

  4. Yeah I saw them on the bagborroworsteal site! My friend told me that they had jewelry on there now so I decided to browse just to see what they had and came across those and fell in love!! lol. :smile:
  5. Alright thanks so much! I'll try searching for it! Thanks again :smile:
  6. The first 2 pics should still be available. I don't know if you could still find the 3rd pic, if you do it would be difficult I would think.