HELP please!

  1. By the end of this month i will be purchasing my very first Louis Vuitton. I have settled with two bags that i lo:heart:e. They are mono speedy 30 and mono neverfull gm. Which should i get? Advice please, help me choose one! Thanks a bunch
  2. speedy.
  3. Neverfull. I prefer shoulderbags
  4. I'd go with the Speedy. :yes:
  5. Ahhhh Dilemma!!! I Cant Choose >.<
  6. what are you planning to use this bag for? daily use? work? school? if it's for work or school, i suggest the neverfull for ease of carrying it on your shoulders. but if it's for daily use as a purse, then i say....speedy. you can't go wrong with the speedy 30. classic!
  7. It would be a daily bag, i guess i would also use it for school.
  8. Speedy vote here. I'm not a fan of the Neverfull.
  9. don't get the speedy
    so many people have it ( real and fakes) it's boring to look at
  10. The speedy! The reason so many people have it is because it is a true classic, much like a rose!
  11. go for speedy...
  12. Wow... i didn't expect to see so many speedy votes :shocked: i was thinking about getting the neverfull because it would be a great size for school. Btw i am only 17, do u really think speedy would look good on me? I love the size of neverfull... OMG DILEMMA!
  13. That's also another reason why i was going for the neverfull, because so many people have it. In my family my sister, my oldest cousin, and my second cousin, and etc etc has it. Although i really do love speedy, but the whole street is flooded with them!!!
  14. I am not a fan of either but if I had to pick one, it would be the speedy.
  15. Speedy...I just bought my first LV Speedy 30 today!