Help Please~~~~~

  1. should i exchange a) for b)? this is a work tote..but i figure with the gold princy i can use it to go out too!! the interior is really nice!!



    please note: these are large looking at the medium one!
  2. i like the gold one better I think, It looks more dressier, like you can rock it night time too as well as work. It's glam lol
  3. I like the gold one! As you said, the gold can be for evening out too.
  4. Definitely get the gold one! It looks dressier plus it is the new color...
  5. I like the gold too!
  6. I like both, but I personally would keep the first one, I like it better. I like the Princys in leather/croc or whatever too, but not gold in canvas. Although gold in anything else would be too shiny, so if you want gold than the gold canvas is better (second one).

    Ok I change my mind..I like both equally..LOL sorry I'm no help
  7. I love the gold one too
  8. you are so funny!!! :roflmfao:

  9. love the gold!
  10. GOLD
    Always believe in your soul
    Youve got the power to know
    Youre indestructable
    Always believe in,because you are

    Sorry, got carried away there, but seriously the Gold looks way better, fab bag!
  11. gold!
  12. i love the gold one! and it's more unique too :smile:
  13. Gold! Plus the fabric is also sand/ebony, not the normal beige ebony and I think that the sand/ebony looks better, even though it's a subtle difference! The gold is dressier, and would be excellent for evening. I also love the GG lining! Good luck on deciding!
  14. i tried out the gold princy yesterday and frankly speaking i didn't like it!!! so i got something else...
  15. What did you get instead? ;)