Help Please

  1. Ok, so I posted a thread yesterday talking about how my parents were giving me my bday money early so I could take advantage of PCE discount and buy this: 1st one in attached images

    After thinking about it though I do not need a white bag as much as I do a black and would always worry about getting it dirty. So I am thinking of using it to get one of the following black bags: 2 through 5 in attached images.

    Which bag do you like better? And then sig or leather?

    I dont need a big black bag, just a small one. And also by getting one of these I can also get the accessories to match and not have to pay anything out of pocket.:yahoo:
    falllove.jpg 10730_BBKBK_c.jpg 10731_B4BK_c.jpg 10946_B4BK_c.jpg 10980_SVBK_c.jpg
  2. Oooh, oooh, I like black leather! :yes: I like the carly best, but the chelsea looks good too!
  3. I like the Carly in black sig or if you want leather, then leather. But I like the black sig more.
  4. They all look good, and VERY similar.. for me I would go for the carly, because I just got one in medium and I love it!! Also, the turnlock thing is cute but would drive me nuts for everday use. You can't go wrong either way.. good luck!! PS does the 1st style come in other colors? I really like that bag the best!!
  5. Black sig =)
  6. Leather!!! It will hold up better and can be more easily dressed up and down. All of the leather bags you posted are really cute. What one would fit you best? Do you prefer the zipper or the turnlock?
  7. I agree. I have an older metallic chelsea w/ the turnlock, it's so dang cute, but can be so annoying. I end up leaving it open and letting the flaps lay on each other.
  8. The first bag you have pictured is the Chelsea Leather Satchel (10953) in parchment. This bag also comes in black and brown (toffee). There is also a Chelsea Leather Signature Satchel (10986) which comes black/black, black/white, kahki/tobacco.

    My choice would be for the Chelsea leather in black or the Chelsea signature in black/black.

    Here are links for the two different bags I mentioned.


  9. I really like all of the bags you are considering. How small of a bag do you want? The Carly Demi is especially small because the zipper is recessed on the top by almost an inch. There really isn't a lot of room in there.

    However, I just bought the Chelsea Small Hobo in black leather (the third black bag pictured) last night and I really like it. It's small but it holds a lot! The pebbled leather is very nice and also very durable. Also, I am not sure if hardware color makes a difference to you, but on the Chelsea bags, the leather has brass hardware and the signature has silver hardware.

    Another one you may want to consider is this one - it's the new Hamptons Shoulder Zip, style no. 11042, and it measures 10 1/2 (L) x 6 (W) x 2 1/8(H). I ordered this one yesterday:

  10. Chelsea small hobo. Very classic.
  11. I have a Chelsea from a couple of years ago in pebbled leather. It's gorgeous and very comfortable to carry. I can put all my stuff in it too. I say a Chelsea in leather!
  12. Luckly the PCE is extended till the 30th cause this is going to be a hard choice. :sweatdrop:
  13. go for the medium carly in black sig...its big but not too big
  14. Chelsea...but, oooo, leather or sig??? I think...leather!