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  1. i inherited a gorgeus vintage snakeskin kelly 5 years ago :yahoo:
    i love it to bits and i now want to purchase a birkin
    black togo leather, 35 or 40 cm with gold hardwear

    i know theyre really exspensive, and i know most of you hate fakes, but does anyone know where to get a good ,reasonably priced fake?:confused1:
    any help greatly recieved :smile:
  2. I doubt seriously you would get any help from anyone here. Everyone on this site is VERY against fakes :tdown:. Hermes is known for their superior quality, IMO it is better to save your money and buy a REAL birkin in the future
  3. Sorry... wrong forum.
  4. sorry....but i cant stop myself to:p
  5. Sorry, tPF is for the discussion of authentic bags only. Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.