HELP please!!!

  1. I have been trying up load pics ...Im on my 6th try and about to give up! It reaches the end of the upload and then just sits there telling me to wait I wait, and uh...wait 15 minutes later, NOTHING! Are they too big maybe? I would love some help please.
    I do have high speed internet..not dial up...???? Thanks in advance!
  2. The file uploads work fine...
  3. Do you think my pics are too big Vlad? Do you have any suggestions as to what I should do next? I have no problem attaching them to an email but for some reason I can not get them to up load here, Im sure it not the website!! I more thought perhaps I was doing something wrong.
  4. If they are PF related, email them to me and I'll check what's up.
  5. thank you Vlad. They are pf related.