Help please?

  1. I recently bought an 07 sandstone messenger. Not worn it yet. Keep looking at it. And whilst I love the colour, and think the styles really practical for shopping, its still not quite got me like my twiggies.

    Still time to return it.

    And what's really thrown me is I've just seen the picture of Monsoon88's sandstone twiggy, and its a beauty. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    So do I keep the messenger or do I get the twiggy. :confused1:

    And does it really matter that I've already got two neutral twiggies in truffle and naturel? :yahoo:
  2. I'm not a big fan of the new I say return it. The sandstone is such a great color and leather and I bet the Twiggy will show off the leather better.
  3. Monsoon's Twiggy Sandstone is GORGEOUS!

    I find the new messenger to be a bit awkward.
  4. Get what you love, if you find it just not right, don't keep it, return it and get the Sandstone Twiggy. The Sandstone is just amazing and it's far enough away from Natural and Truffle to be different and unique. Plus you already have Twiggys so you know you love the shape and they work for you!

    I wish you well,

  5. Sorry i'm not a fan of messenger.....i definitely will go for twiggy.....:yes: :yes:
  6. twiggy for me!!!!!!!
  7. Get the Twiggy.:yes:
  8. Twiggy is a beautiful style:p
  9. Yes that's the thing I don't like about's so flat, there's no slouchiness. And the strap doesn't feel long enough so it doesn't sit on your hip but seems to sit under your armpit (OK slight exaggeration...but you get my point)!!!

    I had thought about filling it with bulky items and hanging it in the wardrobe for a bit, to see if it lost the awkwardness!! But decided against it, as I could end up with a bag down at my knees instead!:roflmfao:
  10. I think this is whats got me undecided.....I haven't fallen in :heart: with it, nor does it truly work for me like my other bbags.

    I have this feeling that if I kept it, in a few months time, I'll be selling it (at a loss) because I've not used it. :sad:
  11. If you don't like the style, I'd return it. I think it's not too similar to natural and truffle if you want to get another neutral.
  12. It looks like a trip back to Selfridges tomorrow!!

    Thanks everyone.
  13. return it for the twiggy cos its the style that works best for you!
  14. definitely exchange your bag if you're not in love w/ it, and get the style you really want.
  15. Twiggy