Help, please!!

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Which one?

  1. Keep the Beverly

  2. Buy the Shirley!

  3. Get the Fuchsia Neo Speedy!

  4. Other ideas? (Plase Post!)

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  1. My mom got the Beverly Clutch, and she hasnt used it yet (She got it on March 1st)..........She and I are having second thoughts about it........Which one do you think is better for her? She def. needs a going-out-to-dinner bag, and she also needs color and some "life" in her collection. She LOVES the Fuchsia Neo Speedy, and that would def. bring in some color for her!! .......She has a Mono Speedy 25, a Damier Speedy 30, a Mono Zippy Wallet, and the Beverly Clutch......Please help my Mom and I
  2. i think she should buy the shirley. the beverly is very VERY tiny!!
  3. You such a nice daughter!

    I prefer the Neo Speedy in Fuschia.

    Hope she gets whatever she likes, good luck!

  4. The Shirley! I just saw it in another's girl's post and it looked stunning. The black is just gorgeous!
  5. anybody else :crybaby:
  6. Shirley, such a pretty bag and can be used as a clutch too, perfect for dinner x
  7. The Neo Speedy is an awesome bag, but the denim is too casual for a "going out to dinner bag", IMO. The Shirley would be perfect.
  8. neo speedy in fuscia!!!

    shirley is agreat item to get when going out for dinner...has she thought about vernis items?? malibu st. is a good going out bag..
  9. the shirley IS very nice. how decorated does it have to be? what about something damier azur?
  10. ^^ I tried to convince her to get a Lexington, but she said Patent leather looked too 70'sish, LOL............
  11. Yeah I think a vernis bag would def. add color and be classy enough for an evening bag.
  12. Maybe I can change her "Go-Go" thoughts about Vernis bags :graucho:
  13. fuschia neo speedy!
  14. i think right now, she is learning towards the neo speedy
  15. i love the shirley, such a cute bag.