Help! Please??

  1. Ok 1st things 1st, Im going on vacation in April (cali baby!) for 2 weeks, and i was thinking of the BH as a hand carry and being THE bag for the entire trip, what do you guys think?? or should i just be happy and content with my Azur Saleya MM??

    This brings me to the 2nd thing, im planning to buy a 2nd hand BH from this woman, shes selling it for $480 and she'll be emailing me pics later, i was wondering if you guys can tell me what to look out for to make sure im getting the real thing (and a good deal)

    Thanks in advance! :love:
  2. The BH is a great bag and I usually use that as my bag when I travel. Though the Saleya is great also..if you can get an OK deal on the BH I say go for it, but be SURE to post pictures of it on the Authenticate This forum so we can check it out.
  3. Post the pictures of it on the Authenticate This LV forum, and our friendly "authenticator" will help you there ;)
  4. okay! thanks!! i was told she was going to take pics and email them to me tonight, im keeping my fingers crossed!!
  5. yay for california! its been looking fabulous here!
    ill be in hawaii at that time, but i suggest the rodeo boutique for the full lv immersion!
    its so great there, and i usually get great service!
  6. IMO, I would go a little more dramatic with the colors. The BH is a great bag, but for a vacation I would take something like a multicolore piece, but that's just me.
  7. The Azur is CUTE!!
  8. i would probably bring the BH instead of the Azur because if your travelling and putting it on the floor or knocking into things you might be worried about it.
  9. I would take the BH.
  10. i think of that constantly! im going on vacation with my best friend who i havent seen in SIX years! i would hate to spend most of the vacation worrying about my purse.... :s