Help please with travel size bag

  1. Just returned from Thanksgiving weekend and my 37cm Bolide is too small for travel..I tend to carry everything for my family :upsidedown:. What size and style H bag with a shoulder strap would you recommend? I'm thinking a Kelly 40. I did see a kelly 50, black togo, PH at the Vegas H store...That was too big to carry for everyday while traveling. Many thanks for your input...I value TPF like theres no ladies are amazing :yahoo:
  2. what about the 34cm Lindy. It has handles and a strap....pockets too! Big enough for an overnighter, but depending on your size, it could be a day bag too. less expensive than a big kelly or birkin ......approx. 4700USD. comes in swift, togo, clemence, croc....
  3. You must try a Victoria Fourre Tout 35cm. The SA told me its meant to be carried by arm/hand, but some people can get away w/carrying it on their shoulder.

    I really liked it, but Im saving for a Birkin first. It looks like you can fit a LOT in it, but still lighten up your load to carry as an everyday bag.
  4. oh, and if the Victoria FT is too small, theirs a larger sized Victoria. Check the reference section:styles. ;)
  5. Check out the new steve travel bag. It is about 45cm and has enough room without being to large. It even looks gorgeous when carried on one's arm. It can lay flat to its side when empty. Has beautifully stitched short handles like the HAC.
  6. ^ I agree. I LOVE the Steve bag.
  7. Have to agree it is attractive.
  8. Lindy!
  9. where can i see a picture of the steve bag? Is it new?
  10. forgive me, I'm not very computer savvy...but I found pictures at this thread, Re: New mens messenger bag =anyone have details? #26. I love it, Steve, but do you think it would look funny for a lady to carry it?
  11. Steve would look great.

    How about a travel Birkin? (They are really heavy though)