Help please with this emerald ring!

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    Jewelry lovers - please share your thoughts on this ring. It is a size 6 and shown on my daughters pinky. She would like to size it up to wear on a middle finger. Do you think it is pretty or very dated? Does it costs a lot to size rings up? Finally, how much in American dollars , a range, would you pay or is fair to ask?

    Thanks tremendously for responses!
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  3. Are you sure the first picture in the post is an emerald? It looks like it may be a garnet or lab created emerald as it is darker than a natural emerald would normally be. Obviously if it is not a natural emerald the price is much lower. The second and third pictures look like natural emeralds.
  4. But to answer your original question, sizing a ring is not expensive she should be able to do it for $50 or so.
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  5. It's difficult to assess the value of an emerald without more information, such as: is the stone synthetic or natural? If it's natural, what treatments has it undergone? Was this verified by a reputable lab such as GIA or AGS?

    Lab emeralds should be relatively inexpensive and you could get a carat for a few hundred dollars. For a natural emerald, the price depends on the color, carat weight, clarity, and types of treatment it's undergone. Most have been oiled to improve their appearance, but you want to steer clear of fillers.

    Here's a good guide:
  6. Thanks for replies! The first ring is not a real emerald. It is either lab created or a tourmaline. I will find out. The 2nd and 3rd are real emeralds. All are in 14 carat. The first pictured ring is $450, the 2nd is $250 but they want $100 to size it. The 3rd photo is $350 and they will size it for free. Thoughts now?!
  7. The first one looks the most modern to me, and would be a pretty right hand ring. I tend to like big rings though.
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  8. I like the third ring. The first ring looks like a fake ring to me because of the stone. It’s definitely not a real emerald because of the color and lack of inclusions hence for me, I do not like to wear anything fake nor would spend the money. The second ring looks very dated to me and the emerald quality is not great. The third ring looks nice.

    Just my two cents.
  9. I appreciate that willeyi. While I agree with you, I must say that the rings do appear a little different in person than photographed. That being said, I still think you are right on. But my 17 year old daughter fell in love with the first. My favorite is the last. I’d like to get it for me.
  10. Lab emeralds are real emeralds. They weren’t mined from the earth, but the chemical composition is identical. Tourmalines are beautiful gems in their own right.

    If you like the styles, then go for it!
  11. The 3rd ring is my favorite too (so pretty!), followed by the first. (This opinion is purely based on design, I have no knowledge of emeralds or other precious stones.)
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