Help please with Sienna Handles

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  1. Hi Everyone! I'm posting on behalf of a friend who purchased a black,embossed
    Kooba Sienna from bluefly a few months ago. She wears this bag daily and the whip-stitched handles are starting to unravel. Has anyone seen or dealt with this before?

    My first suggestion was that she contact Kooba for repair, but I thought maybe I may have missed any posts on this in the search...

    Thanks in advance, gals! :flowers:
  2. I think she should contact Bluefly first.
  3. I agree. Kooba won't be of any help to your friend. She will need to contact Bluefly, and hopefully they will offer her an exchange.
  4. Thanks, gals...I think the style has long sold-out (she bought it on clearance before the holidays). I'll have her call her and see what they say...I just feel badly for her, since it's her first nicer bag that she bought herself in ages....
  5. I have seen Koobas on eBay with the handles starting to fray from use. Unless you take it a shoe repair they migh tbe able to redo the stitching for you. Kooba will NOT help you at all. They are just like any other storefront that sells bags-you would expect more but they just don't care.
  6. I just returned a Black Sienna to Bluefly. Maybe she can get it, mailed it yesterday dhl, so it will hit the site. Hope that might help a little.
  7. Hey, everyone, thanks again for your help. She ended up contacting bluefly and this evening (around 7PM, PST) two agents helped her get a full credit for her damaged bag! Yay, Bluefly!

    Thanks again...Cheers! :woohoo:

    ETA: She mentioned tPF and I think that helped tremendously...:yes: