Help please with epi wallets

  1. Since they're discontinuing the blue epi, I'm thinking to get a wallet if I could still find one. So I browsed eLuxury and found a couple that would suit me.

    1. Porte Tresor International
    2. Epi Leather Zippy Wallet
    3. Zippy Organizer Epi Noir
    Does anyone have any of these and share a picture of it?

    I need something that can hold a lot.. and I mean A LOT of cards.
    The zippy organizer is the one that has the most card slots but I'm worried is too big. So the 2nd choice would be the zippy wallet.. but does it get thick. I have a matching soufflot.. and recently I've been wearing a lot of bigger bags.. I have petit noe, speedies, and planning to buy the montaigne PM and quilted leather bag.

    Also once I decide which one I want, I'm planning to call 1-866-VUITTON to locate one for me. How does this work? I've never done it before.

  2. I would go with #2 Epi Zippy Wallet.
  3. Tons of ppl have the zippy wallet including myself.
  4. Zippy wallet. I had the Porte Tresor and ended up selling it b/c it wasn't very functional despite its size.