Help please with AG Verdigris Roxy!

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  1. I know many of you are experts with remedies for not very well bags ;)

    I love, love my AG Verdigris Roxy, but recently it's been getting more and more ....well yellow. It is stored in the dust bag so it's not getting over exposure to light, except obviously when it's used outside.

    Anybody else had this problem? Suggestions welcome please on either to stop it getting worse or indeed to reverse it? Thank you....
  2. Hi OG nice to see you (& looking forward to see you again in Nov! Please stay over if you can!!)

    AG Plum has been discussed re. it loses purpleness over the time, though it seemed varied - I mean, even though they must have produced at the same season, Tiree got two totally different shades of AG Roxy thread. AG Bays also varies a lot.

    Also I kind of remember Darwin Apple was discussed becoming brown/yellow. Olive was mentioned becomes browny - not sure if it was Darwin or Goat. Recently Buffalo plum bays became orange (lost blueness) and I think, it was returned within 1year?

    I don't think you can 'reverse' it even with MM's any method but perhaps wolly cream etc could make it darker...? Hope some tPFer did some trick and share it with you soon. :flowers:
  3. Thanks Rattrat for your reply - good to "see" you too. I'm working on staying over for the meet :biggrin:

    I'll have a search and see if I can find the Apple Darwin thread ....

    I am also thinking of taking Roxy to Mulberry, just in case they can suggest something. Sounds like it's common though with the AG bags - it's such a gorgeous finish though.
  4. Glad you are still loving it, OG! It's just natural exposure to light that makes the verdigris turn yellow, it's part of its patination process, similar to the darkening of oak, khaki/olive etc; there's nothing you can do about it; even never using it and leaving it in its dustbag for years would still have some element of colour change.
  5. Thank you Jazzy for the advice :smile: - it's a shame that that is what happens to the leather as the green colour is so pretty and really spring-like.

    Oh well - I guess I'll be living with it as I really like the roxy (shame they've stopped making it really as a leopard print would be amazing).....OK I'm off in a fantasy world here...

    Anyway perhaps in a couple of years, I'll be modelling a very special bag - the AG yellow roxy.....