Help please!! White MC Alma or White MC Trouville??


Jul 16, 2009
Sunny Florida
I know I've posted before about the White MC Speedy versus other bags .....but I know the white MC Speedy is too heavy for me. I have been craving a White MC bag for a while and I already have the agenda, pochette and cles!
I love the Trouville but was afraid the handles wouldn't fit comfortably on my arm (if I didn't want to carry it hand-held at times). And someone said it was kind of constricted. I did try one on IRL but I can't exactly remember it :sad: plus that shop wanted way too much money.
I have a mono Alma but rarely use it since I got my other Speedys. I found the base of the Alma a little bulky for daily use --I'm not too concerned about the vachetta, I'm so used to it:biggrin:
I found a White MC Alma for a "reasonable" price so I don't know what to do! Oh I'll probably use it year round since I live in FL and Spring is coming too:P
Should I get the MC Alma or hold out for a Trouville??
TIA for all your opinions!!


Just a gal who loves purses, clocks and cats
Jul 29, 2008
New York/ Vermont
Trouville. I was going to get a mono one but I am now getting the NF as I want an easy to use LV with no zipper top (just something to throw my stuff into when im in a rush).

I do plan on getting the Trouville this year though.

I think you will be happy with it, it is a great bag.