help please! which to keep- earrings or flats?


which should i keep?

  1. keep the cc earrings

  2. keep the beige ballet flats

  3. return both and keep adding to my hermes fund!

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  1. my sweet bf got me these super cute earrings for v-day :heart:, but he also bought me the beige flats i've been wanting since they were the last pair in the store. i have to pick one... what do y'all think?

    btw, the flats pictured are pink with a patent black toe. the one i currently have is a beige leather flat with a regular black toe (non-patent).

    alternatively, i think i could return both and add to my hermes fund.
    flats.jpg chanel earrings in box.jpg chanel earrings close.jpg
  2. Flat is much more better. Sorry to say that This pair of earrings looks normal to me.
  3. I have both a pair of flats and earrings. I get more compliments on my flats then I do my earrings. Everyone has the CC studs, and you can always get them. Flats are more unique. And I love mine... the leather is soft and they are really comfy.

    You definately stand out in the flats. I try to wear mine at least on the weekends. I have the black with the cream cc on the front.

    But if you think you won't wear the flats very often like once a month or you think you'll get bored with the style in a month or two, then go with the CC studs.
  4. I agree ^^keep the flats! They're adorable!!!
  5. I like both,the shoes and the earrings.......I'd keep the earrings!!!!:yes:
  6. I like the Chanel flats!:heart:
  7. I would say keep the flats they probably cost more than the earrings and you can always get those later.
  8. keep the flats, very nice!
  9. I'd choose shoes over jewelry any day!! Shoes have way more utility than earrings. Earrings are BARELY noticeable.
  10. Ok....cant you keep both!?? LOL but if you have to pick one...flats.
  11. keep the ballet, it's gorgeous. u can find similar earrings later.
    i'm too saving for my H fund, if not, i'll get the ballet too..
  12. I like the ballet.
  13. Omg I Have The Shoes And Love Them They Are So Cute.
  14. Keep the flats!!
  15. i would keep both, since the flats are so adorable. But absolutanne said, i would also keep jewelery over others too