Help please! Which Prada Saffiano tote?

  1. I don't think Australia does custom made. Fuoco (red) came in 2274 before but based on my recent convo with my SA, I don't think they are coming in again anytime soon ;(. You should double check with your SA. They've got new colors coming out this season though, I loved the new mustard color and the dark grey one!
  2. I had the same dillema and ordered both. I like the one with the zips better. I open compartment version seemed like it would not hold it's shape very well. It is also very wide at the bottom. I like the double zip. I put my receipts, etc. in one of the pockets.
  3. i got the 1874 in "rame" Dark orange. Check our my thread titled "monday reveal"
  4. just got one~cant find serial #~~sad
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me which model number of Prada Saffiano Tote bag I have? It has the measurements (in cm) L 35.5 H 26 W 15 which is the same as this bag:
    the BN1786
    But the only difference is that I don't have the inside pouch ontop of the inside zipped pocket. I only have the zipped pocket on one side and then the two pouches on the other side. Does anyone know which model this is? It doesn't have the magnetic snap closure at the top of the bag, the main compartment is open at the top. Really hoping someone can help me! Thanks!
  6. it comes with the auth card, isn't it?
  7. No, I bought it second hand and don't have any of the details about it.
  8. maybe you can try to check the US online store and see which model matches yours.. sorry, i can't help much..
  9. Maybe you could post some pictures? Then it is easier to help.
  10. Hey all,
    I'm new this forum so please excuse me if I seem a bit lost. I was looking for the Prada authentication forum but all of them seem to be old or closed. Can someone direct me to the right place? I just got a Prada BN2274 in Red as a gift but I can't tell if the bag is authentic or not.

  11. That colour looks stunning! :smile:
  12. Could somebody help me with the price of Prada saffiano 33cm in melbourne? Is cameo color and the green color is still available in store? thank you:smile:
  13. Cameo is still available in Melbourne but Im not sure which model size 33cm is? Would that be BN 2274?
  14. Hi, I'll buy prada BN2274 by next week and I need some help about the BN2274.

    When I opened prada site I discovered that there are two types of saffiano leather for BN2274 there are:

    - Patent saffiano calf leather
    - Saffiano leather

    I saw two reveals already there is one a little sagging leather and the other that stands very well "Structured" no sagging at all, I wonder which one of these two type of saffiano leather that structured shape without sagging leather and that stands very well.

    Patent saffiano calf leather or Saffiano leather "Normal" ?

    I would appreciate your help so much:smile:.
  15. hi Nuri, with all due respect, ;)
    (I appreciate your question)...
    maybe you should start a thread with this.
    You have posted it countless times today in different varying threads...