help, please! what MUST be carried in your wallet?

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  1. i am trying to be more organized. what, iyo, MUST be in your wallet? thanks so much! i hope it helps! :smile: (i keep some things in an agenda, a wallet, a cles, etc... too much!)
  2. My license and debit/credit card, a bit of change, a bit of cash (at least). Those are the only things that are a MUST.

    Other things that I carry with me include: library card, Hallmark card (I work there so I buy stuff a LOT and I need to get points for it!), zoo membership, things of that nature.
  3. ITA with alatrop - license, a credit card and/or ATM card, and cash. I use a separate card holder for membership cards and non-essential store cards, and I keep a separate checkbook holder for checks and receipts.
  4. okay- so you're like me. i've been trying to decide how much wallet i need. i think i;m just addicted to accessories. anyone else? thanks!
  5. btw, balihai88, i LOVE your avatar!!! ^^^^
  6. i must have my license, my debit/credit card, my student ID (i am in college and i need it if i want to eat on campus), my AAA card in case of car troubles. I have all my other "membership" cards (borders, ulta, american eagle, kroger, etc.)....but those are not mandatory and not a MUST when it comes to my wallet.
  7. I pretty much agree with everyone: driver's license, ATM/credit card, AAA card (just in case!), some cash, and I also have my car insurance in there.
  8. License, both major CCs, ATM, library card (I go at least once a week, and they charge you if you try to take out books without it) my Sam's Club card, and my health insurance card.
  9. I have a small wallet. I carry my license, my credit cards, my library card, and my auto insurance card in there. I don't carry cash very often, but I have room for it when I do. I keep receipts, gift cards, change, and coupons in my cles. I don't have any of those store loyalty cards. I have found that most of those are a waste of time. You spend tons of money and you don't really get anything out of it other than a bunch of junk mail.
  10. Thanks!!! My husband was looking over my shoulder one day as I was posting on this site and was like, "Who the heck is that choad?!" and I said, "That's my soon-to-be second husband" :tender:
  11. I am wallet confused too. I have small ones and large ones to accomodate my bag needs. But if I really had to minimize I would have my driver's license, my debit cards (I have a personal and a joint account one), my two cc's, my cc for official business, my HSA card, health and car insurance cards, AAA card for car emergencies, and my credit union card. The reason why I keep all these is that I will lose them when I need them and it's often enough that I use them. I always carry cash with me as well. I can fit all these things in a business card case easily, however I carry a Camellia at the moment. The other cards (loyalty and gift cards) I use a small pouch for them (something made of cotton that is not too heavy).
  12. drivers, debit+credit, health insurance, starbucks
  13. Driver's license, ATM & credit cards, auto insurance, cash, a few business cards, and a couple of checks so I don't have to carry the whole checkbook.

    All other cards go into a wristlet.
  14. mmm what i really put in my wallet are my ID, debit, credit card and paper money.
    i put changes, discount cards, small bills in a small pouch :P
  15. I keep my ATM card, license, health and car insurance and cash at a minimum. Currently I have a wallet that holds all my crap which includes cards to my husbands accounts, credit cards, store card, loyalty cards, lunch stamp card, dry cleaner receipts etc etc! I don't carry checks anymore as I only use one a week to pay for daycare, everything else is paid online.
    But I often buy new wallets and sometimes it requires downsizing. Until I get bored and look for a bigger wallet again! I'm waiting for Cole Haan to re-design their ugly card slots in their wallets so I can get one to match my new pewter village tote.