Help please! What color should I get?

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  1. I'm torn between the chocolate Spy and the white wisteria. Does anyone have the white one? Is it hard to keep clean? I fell in love with it but I'm afraid it will look dirty and worn out very soon. Any experience? Thank you girls! :flowers:
  2. I don't have a white spy, but I do know that is hard to maintain. The leather is very soft, so you may not want to spray anything to protect it. I have the chocolate spy and its really a breeze caring for.
  3. Thank you TammyD! Do you like your Spy? I'm also thinking about getting the Muse by YSL...
  4. I love it! (please see pictures of me and my dark brown spy in my thread).

    I also have the chocolate YSL Muse in large, though I haven't posted pictures yet. These are 2 great, versatile bags you won't regret buying!
  5. In my opinion I would go with the White spy just for originality.

    It seems like the chocolate spy is a color that everyone has. If you want to be original get the white. Besides its more limited. If you get it and change your mind you can always get a chocolate one. They are everywhere. :yes:

    Good luck. post pics once you decide
  6. Nicolette,

    I would pick Chocolate Spy over White Wisteria.
    As for Spy vs Muse, I vote for Muse.
  7. I would get chocolate, but thats because its my dream spy.

    If you wanted to be more original get the white wisteria.
  8. Chocolate.......wear it year round..especially for that amount of money!
  9. Thank you ladies!
    Not that I have made up my mind yet :sad: (it is soooo hard!) I held both in my hand last week and they were both so splendid. But I'll post pictures when I got it. I'm carying the big pocket Chloé Paddington in Whysky almost every day (and still LOVE it:love: )so I might get the white Spy for summer...or the Muse???? *aaarrg*, this is so difficult I might let my boyfriend choose...:yes:
  10. Muse Muse Muse!!!!
  11. For me the white Spy would be strictly a June/July/August bag. So, I would choose the chocolate--it is gorgeous. I saw a white Spy and don't think it was as attractive.
  12. I dont know, the thing bout the muse is that its kind of akward to me. An SA pointed this out to me. The oversized muse, has a really short handle that you could barely place on your shoulder, and then the bottom sticks out a lot, and its just akward to me.

    The Spy on the other hand IS my favorite bag, you should use it on the shoulder, or in hand perfectly.
  13. White Spy!! be rockstar about it. Not too many people will be rocking a white spy bag. And, the no white after Labor Day is soooooo played.
  14. I think the Chocolate Spy is GORGEOUS!!! It's also practical and will wear well over time. It's a classic colour and a classic bag.

    I have the chocolate Baby Spy, and I love it, but I still really :heart: the BIG ONE!
  15. I say get the chocolate....much more versatile to wear....