Help please! Trying to find my bag!

  1. [​IMG]Hi! I'm dying to find this bag in all its shapes and sizes but I need more information on it. can anyone please tell me what the official name of this style (or pattern) is??? I've been searching all over online and have found a few on eBay, but I haven't found the size or shape that fits me best.

    It all started when I saw it as a knock off and I decided I HAVE to have the real thing!!!

    Oh, I'm new to the fabulous Coach world, so I'm sorry if I sound silly :upsidedown:
  2. it's a scarf print might want to call JAX about it, but be careful because the scarf prints aren't the easiest to take care of.
  3. Here are a few style numbers, but I don't have the measurements. You could probably call Coach to get those.




    I also think there are some other styles but I am not finding them right now. I think that #11119 is a shoulder tote style that was a department store exclusive. Good luck! :yes:
  4. thank you! thank you! thank you!
  5. beautiful, good luck finding it.
  6. it's pretty! best of luck finding it.
  7. Good luck finding it. I have #11116 and it's great! It's a nice size and the colors are so pretty. As others have mentioned, you have to be careful with it or it can get dirty easily.
  8. what is JAX?
  9. Yes I beleive it is the scarf print tote that is most recent one, like 2007. I think the 2006 is the aqua brown one.
  10. [​IMG]