Help please - tired Gucci wallet

  1. Hello!

    I have a gucci flora hobo and wallet, which I love to pieces. The bag stays tucked up during winter, but I use the wallet all the time as looking at the print cheers me up! Of course, this means it is a bit tired now. The canvas material is a bit dirty and the leather has a few marks. I know, I know, I should have been more careful, but really I love looking at it every day!

    Do Gucci offer any sort of refurbishing/cleaning etc? If not can anyone recommend anyone else?

    Thank you so much!!!
  2. I don't think Gucci has any cleaning service. I was there getting a bag repaired and the woman wanted her bag cleaned. They recommended a dry cleaner to her to get it steam cleaned. You could also just check out this site. It's for bags but you might be able to get some tips.
  3. Thank you mssmelanie:smile:
  4. good luck :smile: