Help!!! Please teach me how to rescue my Damier Saleya PM! :'(

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    While my husband paints the walls of our house, he did not realise my bag was on the sofa & droplets of white paint fell onto my Damier Saleya PM! Too panic to get the paint off & I did not think first & use a very strong acid to remove paint to wipe the paint off the surface...However, I realised the acid was too strong & also wipe out the surface finish of the prints!!! Now, my Saleya PM looks so ugly, as this side of the bag completely looks like a replica, with faint prints & the wordings - Louis Vuitton are faded out unlike the other side of the bag.

    Can someone advise me whether LV shop can repair this or any leather polish I can use to salvage the condition???

    My heart is bleeding now...

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Aww, sorry to hear about your Saleya. Is it on the front or backside? Perhaps LV could just replace one section of the canvas, bring it in and ask LV for the repair cost. I also think there are some product that could bring back the shine but it's best to ask LV first. Let us know how it goes :yes:
  3. That breaks my heart. Take pics and show us!

    Also suggest taking it to the LV shop to see what they can do. I've heard here that they won't do repairs to canvas. Hope that's not true in this case.
  4. Sorry to hear about the mishap. The only that I'd suggest would be to take it to LV; see what they can do to repair it...If they can. GL!
  5. i had a similar thing happen with my Damier Saleya MM.

    instead of bothering with Vuitton, i brought the bag to a professional sign painter and had Mon Monogram-esque stripes added with initials.

    in the end? much better this way :smile:

    that was 2 years ago and i believe the bag has been making the rounds in Europe, from one friend to a relative and so on :smile:
  6. oh man, that really really blows! So sorry that happened to you. I agree w/ the above, I think you could try and inquire with LV first regarding the cost and possibility of a repair and then, if they can't fix it (or the cost is too high), you could do what prism suggested above. Good luck and keep us updated on how it works out!
  7. Ladies, thanks for all your replies! :smile:
    Yeah, I guess I would call LV and see whether they can repair the bag.

    Elliespurse, it's on the front side, so I have to wear the other side facing outwards now...

    girlinthemoon, haven't got time to take photos yet. Will post it up if I manage to take within these few days.

    prism, I am residing in Singapore & I doubt I can find a professional sign painter to paint LV bags easily...So I guess I will approach LV first & hope they can do something with it.

    Anyhow, I am going to Paris & Italy in mid March! Will get another LV & force my hubby to pay for it! :graucho:
    I am indecisive between Tivoli GM and Galleria GM/MM. Can you ladies advise which is better?

    Thanks again!